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    I’m just so confused with google ads and amp!
    If you goto google adsense panel, they will offer you AMP auto ads which is switched ON, then on wordpress i also use Sitekit by Google, that also has audo ads on [Let Site Kit place AdSense code on your site] is enabled.

    now before we continue, is this not already a confusion state, whereas on google adsense panel they’re offering auto ads placements for your site either on amp or desktop version, but they do not mention that you need to install Site kit plugin?
    eitherway, ive sitekit enabled with all tis services.

    Now, having AMP plugin as well installed, ads are not displayed within posts, only at the bottom of the page sometime i see one ad.

    the theme offers ad palcements which u can check them on non-amp version, and also are enabled for both mobile, desktop, amd tablet to be displayed, but i never see any ad in posts on AMP.

    I tried switching betwen standart, transitional and reader mroe only the latest will display at least 1 ad sometime, which is probably displayed by sitekit plugin , that being said all my ads that ive isnerted manually, are never being shown.

    when i scan site on transitional and standart mode i get Scan Failed error, even though all plugins are surpressed but that didn’t change the state.
    so, only on reader mode the scan is sucessfull, not that is showing ads.

    it can’t be each wordpress theme to be faulty, but amp itself and im pretty angry with that.

    and since almost all the traffic comes from mobile devices im just lost idk what to say anymore. is it really AMP neccesary for adsense? bcoz im really tired of this.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hello @awalon

    Sorry for the experience, As we checked your site we are able to get one ad on your page.

    You can use both Auto Ads as well as Ad Unit code on an AMP page, AMP limits the number of ads shown per page based on your Settings for Ad Load.

    Auto Ads:

    If you are new we will recommend going with Auto Ads only
    Auto Ads: In Order to activate Auto Ads we will recommend the Google Site kit plugin which also offers other services.

    The ads will be based on your settings which means if you enabled Vignette ads, anchor ads, and display Ads along with Ad load settings, the place to insert ads will be automatically chosen by Adsense script we don’t have control over it.

    Please note Google Site Kit can not place Ad-units it can only support Auto Ads.

    Ad Units:

    You can also use ad-unit codes to place ads in places using plugins such as Advanced Ads with responsive ads add-on OR use the Ad Inserter plugin.

    You can place ads where you want to display you can control the number of ads to be displayed etc, You can find more details in each plugin’s documentation.

    What you can do to improve ads?
    1) We will recommend going with Auto Ads with the Google Site kit plugin, turning off other options (theme provided) that can place adsense code, deactivating other plugins that place Auto ads or Ad Units (just keep one active Site kit)

    2) We will recommend going with Reader Mode with Reader Themes such as Astra or Neve, using a different theme than legacy will add more places where auto ads can place more ads, please check the video below to understand how you can use a different theme for AMP pages only.

    3) If you recently activated Auto Ads it may take 2-3 days for Ads to appear so don’t panic, clear your site cache and wait

    4) We have listed Themes and plugins that are compatible with Our site’s ecosystem page feel free to explore them.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks for your reply.

    You said, we recommend going with Reader Mode with Reader Themes such as Astra or Neve, but i dont wana change my theme, to some simple template just bcoz it is compatible with amp, even though thats not guaranteed.

    We can’t install another theme just for AMP purpose, there is no such an option yet.
    All we have to choise is between legacy amp and the native wordpress themes like twenty – X and so on, which none of them worked anyway.

    AMP has been ON on adsense since 1 year a go along with sitekit plugin, and still is not showing ads on amp mode, except 1 ad at the very bottom, which is ridiculous, what about the rest of ads within post content? none.

    U just tell me can i get rid of this AMP plugin and serve native mobile version to Moibile visitors coz ive tried everything already as for what u suggested, coz to be honest me and you here, AMP is full of bugs itself, idek why there is transitional and Standard mode, where everyone apparently gets tons of issues on this mode?
    and, even reader mode as u see is not doing its job, so my friend either make a plugin that comes READY with its functions we are not developers here. and yah we’ve done the non-tech savvy mode we know that.

    Or, i would appreciate if you connect with me on remote to see whats the problem, maybe u can fix it? doesnt hurt to try. Thank you.

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    4) We have listed Themes and plugins that are compatible with Our site’s ecosystem page feel free to explore them.

    – yes i explored them yesterday and picked Yoast SEO, guess what, i had to surpress the plugin on AMO reader mode becasue of errors.

    Plugin Support Milind More


    Hello @awalon

    It looks like you have issues at Adsense end, I will recommend contacting the Adsense support team as they can provide more guidance on why there are fewer ads displayed on AMP pages.

    We will also recommend checking our getting started guide to learn How AMP plugin works? why here are different Template modes? and why are AMP-compatible themes and plugins needed for AMP pages?

    We will also recommend following our video series to understand
    How to use AMP

    Also, please send us your Support UUID so we can better understand your site and point out to you the extract plugins and themes that are causing issues.

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    its ok im using ad inserter and adding ad code manualy after paragraphs. the ads are showing this way.

    Since AMP in my udnerstanding is almost separate from the theme , i would suggest in the future AMP to have its option for adding adsense code and amp code separately that would be nice, since thats the whole reason why AMP exists anyway.

    Plugin Support Milind More


    @awalon Glad AdInserter is helpful, I’ll mark this as resolved Open a new support topic if you face further issues, also feel free to leave a plugin review, we would love to hear your feedback.

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