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  • what do u mean by google ad words hack?

    /me wonders too 😮
    Maybe he just don’t know where to insert his Google ads?

    so is he asking for a hack to add google ads on his site?

    just sign up for google ads, get your acct # & javascript code, and insert where you want into your blog template.

    and be sure ur site is not a personal site, does not have profanities, does nto do this and that… :p
    just hope u are lucky. google can get quiet choosy! 🙂

    They’ve been letting more people in recently though. I’ve been approved in the last week as a few other personal sites that I’ve seen.

    maybe they recognised that its the advertisers who are paying not google :p

    btw, what’s the rate/price/whatever you call it that Google pay in average per click/day/just something… Not that I’m interested in getting it, I’ve always hated ads and still do.

    depends upon a lot of factor.
    most apparent being the ip of the clicker. indian hitters in my knowledge get a lot less than american hits.
    pretty apparent. 🙂
    we dont buy stuff online 😉

    yes. most companies only accept credit cards and paypal. paypal doesn’t provide services in asia, only japan. bastards.

    watch that language please…

    Advertisers at google adwords can set a daily limit on the amount they wish to payout. This implies that even though their ads are generating clicks, they might not be paying out anything for above a certain number of clicks.
    It also depends on factors like whether a large number of adwords are being clicked on at the same time. eg. someone trying to generate revenue for themselves. This doesnt work and doesnt necessarily translate to generated revenue.

    Yo Anonymous – The answer for now, is no. It might be something you could do, and I am sure a lot of people would appreciate that. 🙂

    2fargon, what is anon’s requirement?

    a hack/plugin, I beleive 🙂 *puzzled*

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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