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    I have got google checkout and paypal standard 2.0 up and running as well as a fedex rates module. I added a no fee shipping module as well for testing purposes only, it will not be there when I’m done. So if I select google checkout as payment method, when it opens it automatically has the base “fedex ground” rate for that product in the checkout no matter which option you choose. You can choose fedex 2day, overnight or whatever but when you open google checkout, “fedex ground” is always there. However if you choose $0 shipping than that does populate in google checkout. any ideas on how to fix this??!!

    On to Paypal. It does the same thing, it is always “fedex ground” unless I choose $0 shipping.

    On a side not, I know that this shipping module is a getshopped plugin but I cannot figure out how to contact anyone over there.
    I have signed up on their site and tried to post in the forum but it keeps telling me that I’m a new member and my first post has to be reviewed and I will receive an email when its approved but it never gets reviewed and never posts. I have tried several times.


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