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  • My blog started so well, then when I entered my fourth post, without doing anything else, all of a sudden the font styles and sizes changed in the sidebar and footer, some of the posts themselves changed font sizing and line spacing from what they were originally, and I noted that one of the posts in full page view was not in the same page position as the others ( I at least managed to get the same font size/style back for all my posts through a lot of deleting and re-pasting, but something is wrong.

    I do get a constant changing of fonts when moving data between WordPress and Word, which could be contributing. What is the default font style/size when directly typing and saving posts in WordPress (default theme)? Verdona 10 or 11 seem close, but I am really just guessing.

    Lastly, if I delete all my posts thus far and re-enter them in the hope of correcting things, how do I set the displayed posting time and date to that of when the posts were originally disclosed? As always, thank you so very much for your time.

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  • get a constant changing of fonts when moving data between WordPress and Word

    Don’t copy/paste from Word, especially not if using the RTE (wysiwyg) editor. When you do, you copy over a lot of bad code from Word AND the fonts from Word.
    It’s not really a WP issue – that’s how wysiwyg things work.

    You can always check the Edit timestamp box and change the time to whatever you wish.

    Thank you sincerely for your advice about not cutting and pasting from Word into WordPress and that this can cause problems, though I cannot say I understood your explanation of the editor type and the resultant bad code.

    As I am not too fond of constantly logging into and out of WordPress while forming my posts, what other editor(s)/program(s) will work better or best for consistent cutting and pasting between it/them and WordPress? Would WordPad do the job more accurately? NotePad even better? Any others?

    Also, how do I determine the font style/size that WordPress uses by default (default theme) when typing posts directly into that program, so I can keep the other editing program(s) consistent? I am not able to figure out those parameters. Thank you again so very much.

    Notepad is always a good choice. Or anything else the might go under the “plain text editor” (as opposed to word processors).

    WP 2.0.x comes with the RTE (=Rich Text Editor) turned on; otherwise known as “WYSIWYG” editor = What You See Is What You Get. (hint: it looks very much like writing in Word; I guess that’s why people like it 🙂
    MS Word is a nightmare if you want to use a text on the internet. Even if you don’t see it, when copying/pasting from Word into a wysiwyg editor – you copy over all the idiotic, bad code that is “underneath”. It is totally non-compatible with the correct html format… that’s why your site looks screwed up. Is it clearer now?

    When I am in a rush to write a post and don’t want to open any editor, I am just writing it in an email, since the email client is always on 🙂 Of course, not HTML format, just plain text (which means no colors, no formatting, just plain text). And I never use the RTE in WordPress.

    All the “look” of your blog (regardless of theme) is always defined in the stylesheet of the active theme.

    I’d like to point something out that is becoming more and more obvious to me on the subject of cut and paste into the WYSIWYG editor.

    Since switching to WP2.x many of us have been fighting the WYSIWYG editor for a number of reasons. I have because most of my customers are now using WordPress as their content management system (on my recommendation of course).

    These people are running small to medium sized businesses and instantly see/want the power of the feature set WP 2.x offers them ‘out of the box’.

    However MOST small businesses and people in business use Microsoft Word and Outlook (and Excel). Outside of a browser, these 3 programs are how a vast portion of people in business use and understand computers. Creating a document in MS Word is the only way they know how to write something professional. Copying that text From Word and pasting it into something else is how content moves to where they need it.

    If Word Press is to really be effective and accepted as an easy to use – blog or CMS or web site generation – tool to all walks of people (not just us web geek types) its functionality needs to be geared towards how the majority of people will use it.

    I want WordPress to go as far as possible – as a tool and a solution – to as broad a section of the “market” as possible. There has to be a better solution for this copy paste problem than to say that’s just how it is.

    Thanks – thought that needed saying.

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