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  • I’m tired of WordPress. I don’t know enough to make it work the way I want it to.

    I think I’ll just focus on my studies for now. I’ll be back some other day, probably with my college dimploma in Computer Science ๐Ÿ™‚

    @podz: Thank you for everything you did. I understand that you did everything you could despite your busy schedule. It was rather pathetic, but I realize that it was all you could do.

    @wordpress: You will lose out in the blog tool race. Unless you come up with something more non-php-trained-user friendly.

    @the rest of the forum: Spare the wonderful thoughts on what I have said above. I know you don’t give a damn about what I do or what I don’t.

    @nuclear Moose and TechGnome: Perhaps your return will be sooner than mine and maybe saying this will make me look foolish when you do, but I am joining you in your exhile and in my own sort of way making a stand against the shortcomings of WordPress.

    “…And I don’t want the world to see me,
    ‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand,
    When everything’s made to be broken;
    I just want you to know who I am…”
    -Goo Goo Dolls (Iris)

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  • Ok. Bye and good luck to you.

    * bump *

    (sorry folks)

    Looks like a sad post. What are the problem you faced? I would love to hear about them.

    Personally I have some architectural concerns.

    Otherwise I just hacked around a bit in php to get what I wanted, wordpress or no wordpress ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do sometimes get some late night urge to replace WordPress with Java based platform, maybe someday I will.

    In fact my next blog software is Java based with offline architecture like MT.

    Hey you are still studying in IIT? year/dept? Where?
    I am from IIT KGP.


    @wordpress: You will lose out in the blog tool race. Unless you come up with something more non-php-trained-user friendly.

    I don’t like the loop, I don’t know php but I thought this was a wonderful thread:

    rohit if your comments were actually more constructive and offered some insight to your problems, it might encourage others to help you more. read that thread, absorb it and accept that this forum has volunteers who do what they can when they can.

    as an alternative, you can try TextPattern which is very easy to use, but doesn’t have the extensive level of plugin support, or Drupal or MT if you want to pay for it. With WP what you see is what you get, and I know there a tonne of ways it can improve, but if you don’t explain what those ways are, what is troubling yu then this post can be seen as flippant frustration.

    It was rather pathetic, but I realize that it was all you could do. – just in case people get the wrong idea, and it has been known to happen, I believe by that comment he meant his request was pathetic, not podz’s help:0

    I till find WP frustrating a lot of the time, but I just do a little bit a day which removes some of the pent-up anger.

    Good luck in your endeavours.

    Moderator James Huff


    rohitkumar’s current problems are listed here:

    The first two are theme-related issues and the last points to the fact that pingbacks and trackbacks still are not working for some. I believe the developers are attempting to fix this, but two things that need (and have only received from a few) are details and cooperation from those reporting the issues.

    I’m confused, the amount of help given in those threads, and the fact they’re so active – why give up after all that help? I would have kept with it until the solution was found.

    Moderator James Huff


    I’m confused, the amount of help given in those threads, and the fact they’re so active – why give up after all that help?

    Four words, Jinsan. “I want it now.”

    Nothing worth having is ever handed out as a free sample.

    The best things in life are earned with long hours of frustration, sometimes tears, and a little hair pulling…

    You know you’re nearly there when you’re sitting at a table with friends you love, and they’re staring at you like you’ve lost your mind because you are explaining how template tags work, or how you can actually call something from your mysql database…

    They think you’ve lost your mind… but you haven’t. You see the code. You see the light.

    Also, the default template, and the hundreds of themes available look really nice too.

    Sorry to see you give up.

    @wordpress: You will lose out in the blog tool race. Unless you come up with something more non-php-trained-user friendly.

    This is a crock. And a copout. Oh, and the people that do help aren’t being paid to do so. So take that into consideration before you make a derisory statement like that.

    WordPress is so user-friendly, it’s sickening.

    About the only thing you need to know php for is customizing the theme (and if you’re really picky, functions). And if that’s the case, then you should know these things before starting on them in the first place. Just like with any other website you want to create or customize.

    I am going to echo macmanx’s 4 words being the real problem.

    Hey guess what, we all have things we’d like fixed. I have a question from 2 weeks ago (before I changed my name) that has never been answered. What did I do? I didn’t bump it after 2 hours, that’s for sure.

    WP requires some base understanding of html, CSS, and php. period. If you can’t even do html+CSS, stay away until you do. basic php is needed for editing template/theme files, but really isn’t that difficult.

    Seems like two of his questions had to do with a complete lack of understanding of using CSS properly. The reality is you CAN make a completely php/html theme that uses no CSS, but that he was trying to muck with CSS without understanding it is like mucking with HTML without understanding it — you’re going to break something odd, and not know why, and make it hard for anyone to help you.

    The third question was about trackbacks, and I don’t know where it left off.

    Certainly, the constant bumping of threads really annoys those folks around here putting in personal time to try and help folks out. If you want faster help, go to the IRC, sometimes that’s faster. And learn basic CSS! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I can understand the frustration level to a certain extent. My thought if you put the money in into getting your own domain then building the site doesn’t mean instant fun. Although you can have that if you use an existing template.

    There is a learning curve involved whether you use WordPress, MT or even Typepad. When you want to venture out and customize well then you need to be ready to learn, test, and be frustrated. I didn’t know jack about PHP when I got here. I was in MT mode which was daunting itself at the time. It was scarey at first but little by little it started to make more sense. There are TONS of tutorials out there.

    I was recently frustrated myself but was determined to find the fix, through help, I was able to take it a little further the way I wanted it.

    When you’re ready and especially have more time to put into your site you’ll find it rewarding and then be able to finally sit back and just babble away on your blog, post pictures or whatever your site does for you. At least until you get the inkling you need to change something else! ;d

    Oh and learn to make a backup copy before changing anything of substance!

    WP will never be for everyone. Take your pick. Experiment. Change your mind. Examine your expectations. In my case open source was a priority, so I didn’t expect terrific user support รขโ‚ฌโ€? that’s the nature of the OS beast. Still, I’ve seen some very thoughtful and patient support on this forum.

    There’s only a “blog tool race” if you want there to be one. Mine lasted about as long as it took stumble upon Asymptomatic’s blog comparison.

    WordPress is just a way of using a scripting language with a database. CSS and (X)HTML are the structure of the long-preexisting web. If WordPress can do what you want (and there are lots of themes and plugins to tweak that), sweet! If WP can’t do what you want, it’s open to modification, but that will take some technical knowledge. If it can’t do what you want and you don’t want to learn how to change it, well there are lots of blogging platforms and hopefully you can find one that’s better for you.

    For some of us, the appeal of WP is the hackability. I spent a few late-nights struggling with WP, or more accurately struggling with my own skills, to get my blog exactly how I wanted. Much of that struggle was just a part of publishing on the web and in no way specific to WordPress: CSS, browser issues, validation. It was hard work! The money I saved by not buying/subscribing to a blog platform went into a couple O’Reilly books and a lot of coffee. It sucked. It was a blast.

    @ rohitkumar: Sorry not to spare the “wonderful thoughts,” but that’s kind of what posting on a forum entails. I hope you can find another tool and make a killer blog. Good luck in your studies.

    And for any WP noobs reading this far, a few tips:

    • Hosting is important, choose wisely
    • Have realistic expectations รขโ‚ฌโ€? about your own abilities and about what you want
    • If you’re going to tinker (good for you!), be prepared for the struggle of learning
    • It’s not about the hammer, it’s about the house you build with it

    And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
    Or the moment of truth in your lies
    When everything seems like the movies
    Yeah you bleed just to know your alive
    รขโ‚ฌโ€? Goo Goo Dolls, Iris

    This is simply a juvenile plead for attention. It’s not about the platform or the level of peer support in these forums.
    I barely knew my way around a static HTML document before discovering WordPress. However, I WANTED to learn to adapt and modify the platform. I’m beginning to understand PHP, and am cobbling together a custom theme as we speak. Call me naive, but I’ve totally bought in on the open source, standards based philosophies that WP brings to the table.
    Regarding the forums, they are what they are. It’s easy to complain, and sure, some people just seem irritating, be it in an online forum, or in line at the local bodega. But at some point, we also have to figure out how to get along, or at least pick our battles. So perhaps more effort should be put forward in educating new users as to the realities of using WP outside the adoption of a few plugins and a theme, otherwise, let the kid fall on his sword however undignified it is.

    Heh, sorry to bump, but…

    One, I understand the frustration, I have it with linux personally and I’ve been using the damn thing on and off for six years. If you don’t want frustration, don’t mind limitations, and don’t want to pay, and don’t want to have to maintain the system, go LiveJournal, I guess ๐Ÿ˜› Or Blogger. Though personally I don’t like that you need to republish all those static pages there, but YMMV.

    Anyway, Jinsan said “as an alternative, you can try TextPattern which is very easy to use, but doesn’t have the extensive level of plugin support, or Drupal or MT if you want to pay for it” — should I understand this as Drupal is also pay-for-use? In any case, to clear it up, it isn’t. (Question and off-topic: how on earth does one make something closed-sourced on the Web, unless it’s something like Java, which you compile? I have really no idea how one would go about it with, say, a PHP program, if it’s even possible.) Also, Drupal has an (unofficial) edition specialised for blogging and it’s pretty sweet actually, I’ve tried it — Google for drupal4blog and you’ll get there. (I wish WP supported threaded comments natively like Drupal or LiveJournal… Hmm, where can I beg for it? :3)

    Alright, this is all ๐Ÿ™‚

    I saw somewhere ways to obfuscate php code.

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