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  • I think that you guys have been doing some great work lately. I was very glad to hear that the renaming project has been done. It’s excellent news. Also good to know that 1.0 is also on the way. Good work and keep it up.

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  • I’ll second that. I can hardly wait for 1.0. I’m drooling in anticipation…. 😛

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Thanks! Right about now is the best time to request features you’d like in 1.0.

    LJ like comments from me. 🙂

    Can I request a better user system that can determine what levels can see what posts? For example, only users above level X can see these particular posts (or this particular category)? It seems like such a good user system has very little purpose right now..

    My requests – in no particular order:
    – localization 🙂
    – instead of setting the number of entries per page I’d like to be able to set the maximum number of lines, that way the page will always be about the same length (probably not too many will want such a feature I fear)
    – a statistical module that tells me who came when from where and viewed what
    – multiple categories for one entry
    Just wanted to get this out somewhere 🙂
    Great work with wordpress so far, just add my ideas and it will be unbeatable 😉

    I just downloaded latest, and I noticed that index.php still point to the b2 filenames. Also, all the b2 files are still included in the download. Will those files be eliminated with 1.0? I don’t want to have b2 files on my server if they aren’t needed.
    Otherwise, looks like the renaming project went great.

    The current index.php in CVS has only one instance of ‘b2’ in it – where it calls start_b2();
    The ‘b2’ prefixed RSS/RDF files do permanent redirects to the new ‘wp-‘ prefixed files.

    RSS files with their own CSS so that they can look visually appealing in the browser by themselves. 🙂

    Yes, Localization would be so great! I think that is a very important issue. I would even volunteer to translate a release into German…

    Joshua – are you sure you have the latest from CVS?
    The links are already changed, the old files are still there with the redirects for the people who have already subscribed using RSS aggregators.

    @joshua: as Alex pointed out, the redirects are important for those sites that have been running an older version fof WP. Visitors of such sites, who have subscribed to the “old version RSS feeds” (old version means for example) will get a redirection to the rss-feed with the new name – it will prevent newsreaders to report 404 errors after the installation of the new WP release. This allows a smooth transition for everyone (you and your readers), which is a very important thing in my eyes.

    good work guys!

    I used the latest link on the download section to download the tar file from cvs. Did this on Tuesday.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    The latest link in the download section gets the latest release not anything else. To get the CVS you have to follow the instructions for checking the files out of the CVS.

    Cool, just successfuly re-synced up with cvs. The admin interface looks like it’s in the middle of something (lots of things didn’t look quite right compared to 10 days or so back). And it took me at least an hour, having to deal with all the filename changes.
    Oh, not to mention that it’s a pain to merge files where I’ve changed overlapping areas of code. 😉 That and my index.php, which I basically had to fixup by hand.
    But, looking good otherwise. Now I just need to write my subcategories thing — is the old post_category field dead and gone? …as that’s already there, and would serve my needs perfectly (unique per post…).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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