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  • Hello. In searching through this forum, I have found a number of posts which discuss importing blogger posts into WordPress. I would like to do the exact opposite. I would like to export all of my WP entries automatically to my new blogger account, just as I currently export them to Facebook and Tumblr.

    I visited the WordPress plug-ins site, but upon conducting a search for “WordPress to Blogger”, or just Blogger, I got 52 pages of results, so feel a bit lost.

    I did download one plug-in called Publisher, but it hasn’t been updated in about three years, and there are two parameters in the settings where it asks for the category and tag ID numbers, which I don’t know how to find. The page says to look under “Manage”, and I can’t find that section anywhere in WP’s dashboard.

    Can someone please help me with this, or suggest a more current, good-working plug-in which will automatically export my WP posts to

    Thanks so much!

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  • any luck on finding anything?

    I’ve been looking for the same thing myself. Found one, but it costs $5 a month for their service.

    Actually, yes, I did find a plug-in which will publish your self-hosted WordPress blog entries to your Blogger blog. In fact, I also wrote an online help file which explains where to find the plug-in, how to install it, and how to configure it. Just go here:

    Do A Little Clicky Right Here

    I hope it helps you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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