• When we purchased the pro version for a client we had a few problems. The first support request was answered quite fast, then we suddenly we didn’t get any responses.
    As one of the authors recently stated it was due to internal issues regarding part-time/ full-time – since recently the team is working full-time on this plugin and support. I just got quick answers to multiple emails/questions and even the plugin is going to be extended to our needs (and for sure other users needs too 😉

    The price is a bit tough for uncommercial pages in my opinion, but if you really make use the features on your commercial site it’s worth it – as long as the support is running well 🙂 For frontend users (or not involved users) it’s often hard to know how much time and effort is needed to program and maintain such a plugin.

    Because we have been a bit disappointed in the beginning only 4 stars for now, if the good support is going to last longer I’m willing to add star number 5 as well.

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