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  • Only thing I don’t like is that it uses absolute URLs. If it used root-relative URLs The image links wouldn’t break between our staging and live servers. They can be fixed though, you just need to tab into the form field instead of click on it, then remove the domain.

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  • Plugin Author Muhammad


    Good news 🙂 this issue had been fixed in the new update, now you can put link or upload it view separate button, check it and then re rate the plugin 😉

    It’s much better, but it still puts the full domain the image field. The right place to add this information is at display time (many plugins get this wrong and even WordPress itself it not so great at URLs).

    For example rather than saving to the database (which will be wrong when the site goes live), save only /path/to/image.jpg then when displaying it with your function you prepend the WordPress address, becoming + /path/to/image.jpg.

    Plugin Author Muhammad


    Yes I understand, you are right WordPress already do that, and I’m using the the WordPress media uploader, that is why I can’t control the url structure of the uploaded image.

    I will think of updating the plugin in the future to save only the path of the image.

    Thanks so much.

    @maximinime: I don’t think you are working with wordpress a lot are you? Everything in WP is absolute URLs. So whether this plugin is goin to use absolute or relative URLs won’t change a thing. You will still need to find-replace your entire DB because it will be filled with absolute URLs. I hated this too in the beginning, especially during site transfers. But then I found this nice tool:

    No more headaches with serialized data that contains absolute URLs. Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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