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  • Anyone knows a real nice statistic tool that counts your visiters from wordpress?

    IE7 tracking & bar chart would be nice…

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  • Yes.

    There are 2 I use.

    the first is counterize
    (very nice for what you ask)

    the second is stattraq
    (shows SE saturation, and track over time)

    I also use google analytics
    (you need to sign up, and I added there code on my website header)- so it might take a week until you got it up and running)

    (if any one can suggest better plugin I will gladly use them)

    With regards,

    i also used stattraq
    like it! but when i test with new internet explorer 7 i get an error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in
    on line 84

    on stattraq website there is no new version, so i thought it is out of development and looking for one that works with ie7. (firefox is ok)

    any other with problems about IE7?

    These tools are really server intensive and will cause your server and site to slow down *significantly*. Some stats systems for other CMS have actually brought servers down.

    Do yourself a favour, sign up for a Google Analytics account (much better than any plugin, by far). Combine that with either your host provided stat service (probably Awstat or similar if your host is runnign cPanel).

    Performancing Metrics is a good choice as well ( There are a couple WP plugins to help make setting it up quite easy.



    anybody knows how to fix the stattraq bug in Internet Explorer 7?

    i removed some code lines, should be working now. analytics is much more i know, but i can not so easylie share that one like stattraq.

    I like aw stats and the plugins for WP with it.. GaMerZ has a good one for post and page views

    Google Analyticator ( is very useful for those who use Google Analytics.

    About google analytics – I just add the code at the end of the footer.php code (before the head and body end tags)

    That does the trick…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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