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  • samg1978


    Overall, this plugin is a good start in the right direction. I am a content creator, so I may not have the concerns a developer would. It took a little getting used to, but once I did, I liked it. Will there ever be the capability of putting a block anywhere on the page/post that we want? Right now, it gives only vertical rearrangement. I’m thinking something that’s closer to Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign (but not as complicated!).

    Two things:

    1) Where can I go to leave feedback on issues I see? Input on the development of Gutenberg? I stopped by Github, but it clearly seems to be more oriented toward developers and not content creators.

    2) So here’s a huge, helpful suggestion: I think everyone would embrace Gutenberg MUCH better and MUCH more quickly if there was some sort of inline help (context sensitive) with the interface. Or hover over an option and a helper pops up. Here’s the deal: While muddling through the interface, I found myself saying freqently, “What’s this for? What does this do?” But there is no sort of immediate context-sensitive help. Please add this. It would be massively helpful to speed adoption.

    I will say this: as content creator, I’m afraid that Gutenberg as it stands is not very intuitive. I think the biggest problem you will have is content creators going crazy, not knowing what to do. Their job is to generate content fast. They don’t have time to fiddle, fidget and figure out an odd, non-intuitive interface.

    Yeah, you are moving from the legacy editor that is kind of like Microsoft Word. To keep the Microsoft analogy in mind, make Gutenberg more like Microsoft Publisher. Give the user the power to put content ANYWHERE on the page. Thank you! Don’t forget context sensitive help! That is how Microsoft made Office a huge success. Do that and wow, you will hit it out of the park!

    I hope SOMEONE with the WordPress/Gutenberg team is paying attention to this….

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