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  • As others have said, it would be useful to be able to select a WHITELIST of countries and have the plugin select the non-requested countries automatically. It would also be easier to have certain “geographic zones” selected with a single click, rather than having to select every country individually. I have chosen NOT to downgrade the plugin for this shortcoming.

    The tools area was useful in discovering that many attacks are launched from countries I would have considered “safe”, and leads me to make a suggestion for an improvement.

    Would it be possible to use crowd sourced feedback from all the copies of this plugin installed worldwide to collect a list of IP addresses that routinely probe WordPress backends, and use that information to SUGGEST IP addresses that should be added to the blacklist, regardless of country?

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  • Plugin Author Pascal



    Thank you for your review.

    The plugin started as a way to block some countries from visiting the website all together. With later versions more features were added.

    I understand that for some people whitelisting countries is easier than blacklisting them. I have to count in the other users as well though.

    One culprit is that the javascript plugin to select the countries does not support select all/deselect all. I think a lot of frustration with some people would be taken away by easier selecting all countries and then deselecting the countries they do not want blocked.

    Your suggestion about a crowd sourced feedback might actually be a good one. Though I would have to think about the load that would bring to my system. As that would probably need bigger hardware it might be a feature that you need to donate money for.

    I would have to think about how to do that most efficiently in costs, load and ease of use.

    But thank you for your review and your suggestions.

    I don’t disagree that you need to take into account your entire installed base when determining what should, and should not, be added to the feature list. I can also understand that the Javascript plugin to select countries may not support selecting/deselecting.

    But, if the Javascript plugin supports the ability to specify an initial state (which is then applied to each country in the list), then you could add an initialization parameter that asks your user whether (s)he would prefer the initial state of the selection boxes to be either SET or CLEAR.


    I suggest a more systematic approach, first giving administrators a choice between blacklisting or whitelisting regions/continents, providing a list of regions/continents to select, and finally providing a list of countries to exception.

    For example, using the method described, if I wanted to only allow visitors to my website from the United States of America, I would select to whitelist regions/continents, select North America from a list of regions/continents, then select all countries in North America other than the United States of America from a list of countries to exception. Or, if I wanted to block visitors to my website only from China and Russia, I would select to blacklist regions/continents and then select China and Russia from a list of countries to exception.

    Funding for this plugin could come by means of allowing any number of selections and a full level of detail for paid/registered users while promoting popularity through free limited selections by unregistered users.

    You could take the functionality a step further by allowing the option of pre-selecting/deselecting countries based on the crowd sourced feedback you were discussing.

    Finally, your server load should be kept to a minimum since the need for polling and reciprocating statistics from and into installed plugins should be relatively infrequent. In fact, data both ways could feasibly be limited to an annual or semi-annual plugin update.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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