• This tool is really very nice, when ready developed. Basicly all looks nice but the integration, which is the most important feature in a productselling company, is missing some basic connections to the woocommerce / WordPress Database (the Customers ?).
    Funny because this is what everybody expects “basicly”. Plugins have to be a winning in time and winning in power together, but winning on one feature and loose time for double work is a plus-minus deal.

    So this is the reason for less stars, because to get stars only for good ideas is not the sence.
    But regarding to this, it can be a great tool in the near future depending on the power of the developers. Please give them a lot of support if you can.

    Go ahead, I like this startup.


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  • @martinloehr,

    Thanks for your great words.
    But I think you’ve missed some of our awesome tools for integrations. Like- our WooCommerce Integration extension. And we always tried to make our described features work smoothly so that people don’t get stuck in the middle.

    We really appreciate your judgement and would love to hear from you more. Feel free to share your suggestions on our github repo. Your suggestions will help us to grow up more.

    Cheers 🙂

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