• We are currently looking for suggestion software and I truly wish you succeed down the line. Even though we probably pick up something else, here is my feedback:

    1. The demo website is pretty slow, the loading spinner is irritating and makes it feel even more sluggish.
    2. UX could be more fluid and consistent, for example when you tried to vote as a guest you get .js popup.
    3. I have to agree with some of the issues mentioned in the 3-star review you got.

    What I like is the reasonable premium price, instant search and of course WP integration. User suggestions feedback SaaS apps are pretty expensive and I think you can make this plugin a vital extension of WordPress. Good luck!

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  • Hey Pierre,

    Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can convince you to stick around 😉

    1. I agree the spinner can make the site feel slow. I used a theme for the demo site and that was part of it. I’ll look into turning it off.
    2. Can you go into more detail about this? What would you prefer to see when a guest tries to vote? Note that adding guest requests/voting is already on the roadmap.
    3. Which issues specifically do you agree with?

    Thanks again, appreciate your feedback as always.

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