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  • Hi,

    I like in which direction is going all this, great job.

    Also, there is some big “BUT”.

    – First, you must enable columns to be not the same size in the block/row (I know this is still experimental) but I think, it is one of the most important part. So, you must have let say 1/3 + 2/3 columns OR to make them re-sizable – to set custom size with custom gap between them.

    – Second, I will try to explain what could be a big mistake. Let say I have a custom “Team” block (Image in header, team member name, team member position) and I want to have them 2 in the row. There can be a option in “Advanced Settings” (like in columns) to just set how much of them to be in the row (2,3,4). But this is totally wrong.

    What if I want to have just one member in 50% column, and in another one to have some other block or just plain text? I must create a new custom block which will allows me this layout.

    What I want to say is to allow to put inside the columns custom block – on this way I can use one column for Team and other columns for some other blocks/content. The same is for shortcodes. The power of WP is in shortcodes – they are easy to create/edit. Allow us to put shortcodes inside columns and everything will be just fine (now looks bad because there is a big gray part where is text “Shortcode” and when you put it inside the 50% column, you can’t write your code).

    For the end, columns must create the layout of the page and just to put the custom blocks in each of them.


    p.s. English is not my main language, so sorry if I was not understandable

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    First, thanks for taking time to leave a review. It’s important to explore and experiment using Gutenberg. Thank you also for taking time to leave such considered feedback.

    It’s a little note but an important one, columns is not meant to be a layout feature as much as a step towards that. The next phase is Customization for Gutenberg and in that more layout / page building features will be explored. This said, as you note the columns feature is experimental right now and open to iteration.

    One thing that maybe solves the issue is using a combination with nested blocks for you. This allows you to have a block in a block. You can even then combine this with reusable blocks to have able to use across your site. This is a really powerful combination.

    Thank you for your answer.

    One more thing (how I look on this all).
    I am WP developer and I am leaving just from creating themes – my only job. Until now, I have never used 3rd part builders, just the shortcodes, custom meta boxes, custom posts, templates – all default WP stuffs.

    Also, when Customizer was added (I think ver 3.4) I have dropped my custom admin settings/dashboard and have move all to Customizer (best move for me ever).

    And I do like to use the default WP options to create content. But, with Gutenberg I will must to do all the job twice – the CSS style and PHP part for front-end + JS and CSS for back-end. I am afraid that can take me much more time.

    What I want to say, it looks for me like the Gutenberg will be stack in the “middle” – not powerful enough to replace 3rd part builders (this probably was not the goal on this stage) and not clear/easy enough (like some platforms) which allows users to change easy content but directly on Front-End and to see all changes live on the site (you still don’t see the header, sidebars, footer from dashboard).

    However, it is big step forward in visual part and I am excited to see how this all will going.


    Bravo for last update! The drag and drop blocks and block duplicate options are big step forward!

    Just if you can make Columns Block more flexible with custom column sizes in % – that will be just perfect!

    One more time, I am really happy with last update. Thank you!

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