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  • Hi,

    first at all, you’ll never get such a budget and feature rich onlineshop system elsewhere. But also you’ll never get it to success when you are a “user” only without good IT experience, you will need external services which relativates the TCO.

    I’m working on my shop now for more then 6 month, inbetween there was the major upgrade to 2.x. In this time I put a huge effort in modifying, troubleshooting, styling etc. and every now and then there is a new update available, which resets some of the efforts I’ve put in and I have to spen lot’s of time again to get my mods done.

    just now I upgraded from 2.0.10 to 2.0.12 cause the changelog tells: Fixed is_on_sale function for products without prices (which is a issue for smart coupons I bought)
    For just one fix I realised new issues. just in testing 2 minutes after upgrade I see for example in checkout page the cart menu shows 0,-, the “shipping to..” is expanded even you select “ship to billing address”, just to name two of the new issues I found in just 2 minutes after upgrade!

    I’m just days before the launch of my online store and have to make the most important decission I recommend to all of you:
    Once your bug-list holds only some minor issues STOP to upgrade, just like telling: never change a running system.
    Otherwards you will end up in troubleshooting instead of selling your products!

    It is a great product and you can pull even more out of it with some premium extensions and themes for which I spent less then about $400. But I will defenitly stop upgrading to the latest versions – I will go back to 2.0.10 and start selling products hopefully!

    woo’s: don’t missunderstand me, it’s great, I’m happy to have it done so far and did not lost my mind yet 🙂

    (sorry for my bad english, I’m living in Vienna/Austria)

    PS: yes currently I’m impetuous – pardon me!

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