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  • We have completely embraced the Ninja Forms solution and purchased the full package – including all extensions. While developing a “.org”, ‘not for profit’ website for a huge client, it came to our attention that the solution does not have the ability to perform three tasks via its UI …
    1 – Customize Error Messages
    2 – Add aria-attributes
    3 – Implement datalayer onclick events on form submission buttons

    After emailing the support team at Ninja Forms, and receiving a response from Justin McElhaney, it would appear that NF does not have any immediate plans to implement these features in the future.

    Unfortunate this means we will likely have to move off of this solution for this ‘not for profit’ project as this site does get audited for ADA compliance. And without the ability to perform *these tasks*, the forms (despite their overall performance) do this client no good.

    Sadly, inferior products such as Contact Form 7, at least provide custom error handling.

    Very disappointed with NF’s response.

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  • Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    My apologies, Justin was mistaken as to our roadmap, or may not have realized that all of the highlighted issues were part of ADA compliance.

    Our goal for the project is to be AA compliant by the end of 2017 in time for the new federal regulations next January. We are open to and accepting all input and assistance in this task, though we have not yet started on it specifically (we are still researching and preparing to consult with experts on the subject, as we are certainly not currently experts on accessibility and need help outside of our team.)

    I apologize for the confusion. Accessibility is definitely important to our team, and we fully admit we’ve dropped the ball by not getting started sooner.

    I have managed to overcome a couple of these limitations by way of jQuery as a “client side” solution. But, in addition to not being able to customize the error messages, I am also unable to affect the secondary pages of the multipart forms. And, bc the forms print as a JS and not inline HTML, the “blur” scripts tend to wipe out some of the changes I have made .. specifically to the event tracking for the submit button.

    As I mentioned earlier, we will need to move on from Ninja Forms for this client and future .org projects (we have several more on the horizon). This means that we will likely be using custom developed forms until these ADA compliant features are implemented by NF as we cannot risk our clients getting audited at any time and failing due to technologies we introduce them to and deploy.

    However, I am glad to hear that Ninja Forms is at least taking its lack of ADA compliance seriously. And thank you for your response.

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    Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    If you are interested in helping us with this process, please feel free to create issues or even submit any code you might have that resolves the issue to our GitHub at

    We would absolutely love your feedback as we move forward on ADA compliance.

    I have not actually dug through the code base of your plugin to search for an answer. Time restrictions have limited my ability to only perform the actions I have for the client side jQuery “solution”. If I can get caught up on some of my projects, I would be more than happy to take a look to see if I can contribute. Or perhaps another developer within my shop *might* be able to take some time to review.

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