• adkoen


    Coming from Cleantalk (and a brief period of Akismet). That one did the job, but throughout a few years they had their share of problems and I really never got the peace of mind I was looking for. So enter OOPSpam.

    OOPSpam has turned out great so far. The setup is a quick minute or so per website and you’re good to go. Consider the time you need to setup something like Cloudflare Turnstile or Google captcha, and with these solutions you don’t even have a decent log file.

    With OOPSpam you get just the options you need, no more, no less. With Cleantalk it’s a long page full of options. And honestly, I’m just looking for something that just works.

    OOPSpam has a great log right in the admin area of your website. In case of any false positive or negative, you can report it directly from the log.

    Last but not least, OOPSpam seems to have compatibility with nearly every form software available on the market, whether it’s native Elementor/Breakdance or a tool like WPForms – it seems to support them all.

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