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    Discussing I installed All in One SEO and it works fine. I installed Google web tools, and it says I’m all indexed. I put the words “Mason City Illinois” everywhere…titles, meta, site content.

    Despite all this work, when I search “Mason City Illinois” on Google I don’t show up anywhere in the first several pages. When I search for “” it only shows my site after trying to get me to switch my search to “.com” instead.

    It is a great city site, but no one can find it, and the city council is getting impatient. I am ready to make a real effort if I can get some help. Thank you.

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  • SEO is an art and doesn’t happen overnight. Take a look at this online guide:

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    Try asking this on Google’s forums:

    I’ve had a similar issue for months and I’ve tried a number of different tactics to see if anything helps and to date no success.

    The details: A WordPress 3.8.1 site using the Ximenia for WordPress V1.0 theme from RocketTheme and the dsIDXpress widget from Diverse Solutions to display real-time MLS real estate information.

    I’ve tried the following SEO Plugins (waiting weeks after configuring each to allow time for indexing)
    * Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin
    * WordPress SEO by Yoast
    * Greg’s High Performance SEO

    The symptoms in a nutshell are – the site is indexed and ranks well in both Yahoo and Bing – page 1 for an appropriate search term – the company name “Brin Realty Group”. However the same search term used in Google does not produce results on page 1 – in fact if lucky the site shows on page 12 or 13.

    The site looks perfect using all the Google Webmaster tools. It is actually indexed by Google (According to entering this in the Google search bar -> in more than 1,000 entries.

    So why won’t Google show results. I’ve never had this issue with any other WordPress (or Joomla) site that I manage? Nothing makes any sense. Obviously Yahoo and Bing find the site atttractive and relevant enough to return the expected search results?

    Is this an issue with WordPress? I doubt it. Is this an issue with the theme? I am very suspicious of this possibility. Or does the dsIDXpress widget get in the way somehow?

    This is driving me crazy – anybody else have similar issues? Anybody smart enough to come up with a possible reason/solution?



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    @mronayne: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    This 5 month old topic references an old version of WordPress.

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