• rudybrinkman


    We use this software for a modest online study portal to administer tests. We had some trouble getting it to work properly at first.

    If you make a test where people only get points, the result email will say that they answered a question wrong, while it is correct and the points are also calculated. If you turn on the combined grading system (which is actually not necessary) it works fine.

    If you turn on the Random Questions in the settings, a message will appear: — This quiz has the “Are the questions random?” option enabled. The pages below will not be used while that option is enabled. To turn off, go to the “Options” tab and set that option to “No”.

    So this seems like an error message and can be confusing, but everything works normally and the questions are placed randomly.

    Other than that, the plugin works properly and we are very happy with it. It takes some time to get it working, to understand what the plugin does, but when it works it’s just perfect.

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