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  • Product works, but there is nowhere near enough documentation.

    We bought the Pro version, 1st email to support was completely ignored, the 2nd said

    “we don’t offer support for design, so I don’t have any other sample listing templates, other than what comes with WP-Lister out of the box.”

    So basically you have to keep guessing at what is required. To me, it seems that any CSS formatting in your main description is stripped out! But don’t ask support if this is the case, because they won’t tell you. You just have to guess how it works.

    Look else where!

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    I agree that our documentation could be better – and will become better once we’ve released version 1.0 of WP-Lister for Amazon – but you should really give our support a second chance, as this was clearly a misunderstanding.

    Your question was this:

    We are trying to create some layouts for exporting to eBay, but the formatting (CSS) seems to be stripped out or we are not passing it in the correct way. (fonts, columns using float, centring videos etc.) These elements are all in the main description

    Could you tell us if it is possible to format HTML set to eBay? And if it is could you tell us where the css should go? And if possible send us an example template that uses formatting.

    Unfortunately John, who is an eBay seller himself, but not a web developer (nor does he know much about CSS and HTML) apparently only really understood the first part about “creating some layouts for ebay” followed by “CSS” and “HTML”, which triggered the default response about custom template design work (which we’d love to offer, but simply don’t have the ressources for). That’s why his reply was:

    While we pride ourselves on helping our customers as best as we can, we don’t offer support for design, so I don’t have any other sample listing templates, other than what comes with WP-Lister out of the box.

    In regards to customizing the look on eBay, you would use the “Templates” page of WP-Lister to modify the look of your listing descriptions/template on eBay. On the “Templates” page you will see a “Stylesheet” section where you can modify the styling of your listing template on eBay. I would recommend not using CSS within the descriptions of your listings in Woocommerce, but instead use your theme to modify the look for your WC site, and then use the “Stylesheet” section of the listing template to modify the look on eBay.

    If you had asked John anything about selling on eBay, or how do something with WP-Lister that’s not covered in the docs, he’d certainly given you a useful answer. But your question was in fact more bug report than question, but it wasn’t understood as such. (Not that there is something wrong with it, I did understand what you mean, but I’m a developer myself, not an eBay seller.)

    Anyway, first things first: I checked the code whether there was anything that would strip certain HTML code, or filter the product description in any way. Assuming that we’re talking about the product_content shortcode (in double brackets), then how WP-Lister processed the product description depends on the Shortcode processing option which can be found on the advanced settings page.

    Have your tried to play with that option? I’d suggest to set it to “off”, which will bypass every kind of filter that’s applied to the product description before it’s inserted into the listing template – all except the wpautop() filter, which is required for paragraphs.

    If you’re still seeing certain HTML tags or inline CSS being removed, then I can assure you that it’s not WP-Lister doing so. I’d gladly investigate this further, for example on a staging site, but before that you should send me an example of a product description before and after (the HTML in WooCommerce, and what is sent to eBay).

    Last not least, I have to remind you that we have a simple “no questions asked” refund policy, so if you decide that WP-Lister is not for you, you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days after your purchase. That’s another reason why we are really motivated to support you as good as we possibly can – even if your first impression didn’t reflect that.

    kind regards,

    P.S: I did check whether there is any other email from that email address in our helpdesk system (HelpScout) and there is not. No idea what went wrong there, but if you had used the support form on then there really should be a record of that message in HelpScout, that system has never failed us in over five years. Also, we try to answer every single email/request within 24 hours during weekdays, so if you didn’t get a reply within that time your email probably didn’t reach us.

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