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  • Morning all.

    I let my main blog go dormant for awhile as I was just too busy to keep regular posts on it. Then I discovered scheduled posts and started using it.

    Create several posts in a day and set the schedule to release them at random times and days. Sometimes I get a couple months of posts in one day. All posts are related to my business and are more like press/portfolio releases.

    When I have something to write that is not a release style, but an actual topic, I will publish immediately and alter the schedule of the other posts to release later.

    Now that I explained all that, here is my question.
    I am curious if there is a recommended or suggested posting frequency?

    For search engines and just blogging in general.

    Currently I set posts to release anywhere between 3 and 7 days, depending on the content of the post.


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  • This all depends on what your objectives are. Generally speaking, the more frequently you post the better. If you are trying to promote a business, post whenever you have something truly worthwhile to write about. If you are trying to generate a lot of site traffic and ad revenue, daily posting is a must.

    I would say that a regular posting schedule, regardless of frequency, is essential. If it’s daily, make it the same time every day. If weekly, then find out what the most visited timeslot of your week is for your site, and ensure your latest post goes online prior to that.

    By posting on a regular basis, on a regular time, will ensure people who visit your site on a regular basis can be assured of new content when they go there.

    Remember, if you decide to post on a daily basis, you need to maintain this schedule for a while to ensure your traffic starts to flow. Scheudling is a wonderful tool, it allows me to organise my posts, and then figure out when they’ll go online, all automatically.

    But my advice is simply this: pick a schedule, a routine, and stick to it as best you can.

    [sig moderated JC]

    Good advice.
    Never really thought of it like that.

    I will amend the schedule to release posts at the same time, on a weekly basis. Probably Every Monday morning. Not enough posts to warrant daily posting on this blog.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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