• It’s a solid and decent plugin. It provides users the basics for what they need and custom definitions.

    It’s quite handy.

    I would rate it a 5, but I’ve posted support questions for months and months, and have been ignored.

    I feel insulted. Other questions have clearly been answered. No one even looks to answer or visit my support questions.

    Thought they missed it and posted again.

    Its almost 4 months of writing this review… no response.

    Whoever owns this plugin just doesn’t care about its users.

    (If I didn’t know any better, they probably use this plugin as a way to help track user data and sell the info. Else, why not care about your plugin and its users?).

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  • Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    We definitely care about our plugin. ExactMetrics is a completely free plugin and we have to balance the fact that it’s totally free with what we can afford to put resource wise to work on the plugin.

    Right now our top priority is in building out the new website for it, rebuilding the docs, and expanding out the plugin functionality. You’ll see that over the course of this year, starting when we wrap up the next major release for it. Our belief is if we can work on getting the improvements to the plugin done, it will lead to less support and thus free up more time on the tickets that are left.

    When we work support for the plugin, we do it in the time constraints based on it being totally free and also with what we’re capable of supporting. Some types of tickets which would require us to obtain user information that wouldn’t want to be public we can’t work on since WordPress.org doesn’t have a private tickets feature.

    At the end of the day, being totally free has advantages to users, but also has tradeoffs.

    Wow, a response!

    Look at it from my perspective, chriscct7.

    Even though the question was quite simple for a plugin developer, and doesn’t require outside information to answer.. (it being: *Can you collect data for Custom Dimensions:author by User name instead of Display name?* )…if it wasn’t so simple, does it need to take 7 months to respond (or continue not to respond more like..)?

    *(I have 2 questions with 0 replies. One 7+ months old and one 3+ months old… and they are the same question).

    I don’t believe it should take more than a week to take 2 minutes to respond and say, “Yes/No” or “We’ll consider it for future updates”. At least this way, even if you are rebuilding, as a user of your plugin, I would feel heard and engaged in the project you have put out into the world… that whatever you envision for your plugin that you have, I can see myself supporting it.

    And I understand there are ‘tradeoffs’, but it’s weird seeing more complicated support questions getting not just replies but fixes and answers.

    Anyway, thank you for reading my review. I do believe this is a solid plugin.

    Though, I think there may be a security issue. I’ve found some problems that give me indications of this, but I figured I’d have to figure it out myself due to the lack of support.

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