• I like this plugin a lot, and it has definitely helped out our little group! The support crew is on the job, and very willing to figure things out with you when necessary. There are some very good free add-ons (I especially appreciate those around BuddyPress and upcoming MailPoet), and the Hobbyist version of the plugin is perfectly sufficient for a small organization’s needs. I am giving 4 out of 5 only because we are still in flux about whether this particular system can do everything we need data export-wise; so far it’s been a challenge to get a printout of member transactions that is both readable by humans and contains the information we really want. Also, there’s apparently no real way to collect addresses as people pay, without using Profile Builder also by Cozmoslabs–and we were hoping to avoid extra expenses like this, and to be able to build a database from the actual membership plugin.

    All this said, the cost is VERY reasonable, and in line with other membership plugins, and the folks at Cozmoslabs have been MORE than helpful as we have tried to figure out how we can best access the parts of this system. If we move away, it’s more because of our own organization’s particular structure than anything else. Thank you, Cozmoslabs, for putting together a really useful, excellent membership plugin!

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    Hi @jerrythemouse,

    Thank you for your review and kind words. It means a lot to us! We will take into consideration your feedback in order to improve our products on a daily basis.

    Have a great day!

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