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  1. bucky
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I'm about to start on a plugin that has a fair number of tentacles... although I'm experienced with PHP, it's my first WP plugin.

    Looking for a solid example that covers some / all of these areas:

    * creates / maintains its own db table
    * has its own input fields on the post page (a la custom fields)
    * provides client-side javascript functionality
    * client side can call into the plugin to get data (via XMLHttpRequest)
    * doesn't require any hand-editing to install

    I think Owen Winkler's Geo plugin looks like a good reference, but would be happy hear of any others.

    My hunch is that this will end up being a directory with separate files (especially considering javascript functionality). Is there any sort of WordPress convention as to where .js files live? I would guess that they stay in the directory of the plugin they support.

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