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  • The plugin works pretty good and is way better than any other cache solutions but sorry but you earned the 1 star.

    A little true story for you:

    We had a problem, posted in your forum, like 2nd or 3rd time we ever posted. Never really got a useful reply that was not a generic reply.

    A random user commented in my post saying he had the same issue and then he could solve it. However for us it made no difference.

    Your moderator/dev needed 2 replies to realise that actually the original poster (me) still had the problem. He kindly offered us to open a ticket.

    The same guy/lady replied us there days after. Telling us again (for the third time) he didn’t see any issue, so once again we did another screenshot (that was already posted in the forum post linked in the ticket).

    We gave him access to our site as requested and told him to please be careful cause is a live site with heavy traffic and that he was allowed to take a backup and replicate if needed.

    He replied that he could not test changes due to CloudFare. To my surprise I found the site broken on the mobile view.

    Luckily I had exported the settings (which by the way he didn’t even recommend us to do).

    Apart from this the replies, 2 on his side were 5 words, once to tell us he could not see the issue and another one to say he could not remove CloudFare.

    Lack of interest 100%. Actually I don’t remember dealing with someone with so little motivation to help. Is a free user so who cares right?

    Seriously, to give that kind of support better don’t support to users at all cause I have not seen someone with less interest to solve a bug in his own plugin as this guy.

    We even offered to pay cause we think that is fair but seriously, you are not interested in solving an issue that breaks the layout of one of the most downloaded templates ever. Not serious.

    In short, if you are a developer or have a developer working for you, this plugin is great, still not super stable but getting there. If you need support with it, don’t even consider giving them access to your site.

    OH and BTW in 3 weeks we got 2 replies of like 2 phrases asking for info he already had, not impressive. Luckily it was not urgent, only our entire layout was broken due to the plugin!

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by Manu.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by Manu.
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    Hi, Manu

    I’m very sorry that you were unhappy with your support experience, and from your description it sounds justified. I realize it doesn’t help much to tell you this, but your problem was reported during a time when we have been overwhelmed with support issues. Our team is working on many issues at once. So, perhaps you didn’t get the personal attention we are usually known for. Please accept our apology.

    If you still need assistance, can we help you revert to 2.9.x until we are able to really dig deep with the issue you reported? If so, please reply on the ticket you opened.

    Thank you.

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