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  • EBrockway


    This plugin is great and you know code, you will have a good base.

    But dont expect support at all.

    Edit: i decide to give it 2 stars instead of 1, because it’s an mazing plugin if you dont encounter any issue.

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  • barnez


    The author offers plenty of support responses, as you can see from the support forum. Plus he has extensive documentation and FAQs. This plugin has millions of users. Do you really think it’s fair to give it a one star review, just because you didn’t get a response to your support request, even though you are still enjoying the thousands of hours he has put into developing and maintaining the plugin for free.

    Considering your original support request, it doesn’t look like you have done any of the standard troubleshooting steps like changing to a default WordPress theme and disabling all other plugins. It may sound tedious or repetitive, but it is the first thing to do as your issue is not being experienced by thousands of other users, so it is likely to be specific to your configuration.

    Neil Murray


    @ebrockway – I disagree with you assertion, the plugin author Takayuki Miyoshi has offered solid support for this very popular plugin just about every day over many years. He is an outstanding plugin author and widely admired & respected in the WordPress community.

    Leaving a 1 star review because the forum didn’t meet your specific needs is very poor form in my opinion and often reflects badly on the 1 star reviewer amongst experienced WordPress users.



    Hi, it’s your opinion and i respect it. Too bad you are not encline to respect my opinion.
    I noted 1 star for a specific aspect of the plugin, and precise that the plugin is great, not the support, if i could vote separatly for several aspects, sure some would get 5 stars, and some 0 if i could.

    Fact is i post several issues i had, and never get any responses what so ever… So i check others posts from others peoples in need, all response i see from the author was “Try with no plugins and default theme”, and when the author did not reply this automatic response, he leave others more “complicated or time consuming” issues without any responses.

    Maybe he dont have time for that, but 0 support dont deserve 5 stars. Yeah it’s a free product, so the author is not obligated to provide, but maybe you could maybe enlight me then on those issues since you such a fervent defensor ?

    Escuse me for my bad english, i’m sure it’s awful to read…



    “Fact is i post several issues i had, and never get any responses what so ever…”

    You made one post only concerning Contact Form 7 support and the author responded by pointing you to documentation.

    I see that you have a history of complaining though.

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