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  • I like this plugin, but I don’t seem to have much control on the way the popups are displayed. There are indeed a few popup templates that can be customized, but it is still limited, as many style properties are set dynamically at runtime and cannot be overwritten.

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    @chemin9 – Thanks for the feedback, would love to get more info. Would love to earn that extra star. If you are familiar with CSS there is little you can’t customize, but we can only add so many options for the popup theme editor itself. Other than maybe hover colors for the close button it pretty complete. We don’t offer controls for the contents of your popup as those are 99.999% of the time controlled by 3rd party plugins & themes, so we defer to their styles for those things.

    Further most of our styling is applied via style sheets, not inline, only a few things have to be applied inline, mostly positioning, so I’m not sure what that refers to but we are always looking for improvements to make it more awesome.

    Feel free to submit them on our github.

    PS the latest beta replaced the theme editor and is prepping things for rapid expansion in that area, including a community theme repo for the next major version and new default themes.

    Thank you for your answer, I’m having trouble with 2 things :

    First the auto-sizing of the popup, as I have dynamic content in it. It’s a multi-step form that is included as a shortcode in the popup content. As the user goes from one step to the other, the height of the form changes and the popup is automatically sized to fit the content. The auto-size is perfect in some cases and sometimes the content has a bigger height than the popup container (typically, when the user goes back one step from a step with bigger height to the previous step with smaller height). I’m using jQuery to show/hide the steps of the form with a little animation. I tried a few options, like “disable re-positioning” but it doesn’t seem to affect the auto-size behavior.

    Second the popup positioning. I wanted to change the “top” property of my popup depending on the screen size, so I put some extra css in my theme css, but this property is overwritten by some inline css in the popup html code. So I can’t find a clean way to customize this.

    If you have some advices on how to handle these issues they are welcome, I don’t know yet all the extension options, so maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, great job for this plugin, it’s still very useful and I’m glad that you’re planning to release more awesome features !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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