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  • The plugin has a nice design and interesting approach by being both beginner-friendly and versatile by increasing your page speed by every possible mean. (1 click for speed)
    But I’d like more “advanced settings” for developpers. (what happens in .htaccess for instance, to be sure…)
    Overall a good plugin.. BUT, you install it, you test it on a speed test and are happy by the incredible score… but just wait for a quarter to discover that your page speed is almost back to what it was before.
    I’ve seen 43/100 >> 96/100 >> 49/100 >> 60/100 >> 49/100 in half an hour.

    Hopefully this will change very soon to become more stable.

    I will update my review as soon as this happens and add the “optimized with PageSpeed Ninja” on the footer right away.

    Keep up the good work guys, you are on the way

    EDIT : I’d gladly contribute to translations or basic development if you have a repo or a dedicated website to do so… ?

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  • Plugin Author Denis Ryabov


    I would guess “just wait for a quarter” correlates with default cache time-to-live of 15 minutes. It is set to such a low value for safety reason and we are going to increase it in next release (most likely to 1 day, but keeping 15 min for the “safe” preset). And it worth nothing to increase this value in Advanced settings.

    Note that Google’s PageSpeed Insight scores are sensitive to response time and usually it is the value that results in fluctuation of resulting score. You can test your website on to see what exactly gives degradation.

    We are working on improving of caching subsystem in PageSpeed Ninja. In previous versions we introduced automatic invalidation of page cache after posting new content to the website, in recent 0.9.27 release there is a new experimental caching layer to skip full page optimization if page content is not changed, etc.

    PS. Do you use “Optimal” or other preset? Note that “Ultra” and “Experimental” presets in some cases may increase optimization time because of enables almost all possible page post-processings. As to translations, welcome to, and as to development, currently sources are hosted at that is default repo for WordPress plugins, but not so handy for distributed development.

    Thread Starter RynuX


    Well, actually your guess was wrong because I’ve tested lots of times and saw that mobile version of one of my websites can’t cache after only a few minutes (1 ~ 2mins)… but oddly (or not) that changed since last update (0.9.29 I believe).

    I’d like to report that presets buttons don’t really work for me, I chose Optimal, then save, and just by clicking on GENERAL (section) and go back and see I’m already set to “custom”. Strange behaviour.

    Depending on the website: Safe, Ultra, Custom for 1 and Experimental (but I see them all on “custom after choosing). I have seen this as well, that’s why I changed settings.

    As to translations I did ALL french (France) in the link you provided :
    All submission are waiting for approval (I studied languages for 5 years in college, so that was fun). I hope you will be able to implement french quickly so that your plugin gets more famous in french speaking countries. I’d like to see your plugin grow, your idea is neat, every optimization PSN provides you can do by yourself but it would take so long to do so..

    PS : I raised by a star my review, I keep on following the development and will increase it when PSN will feel more stable and complete.

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