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  • Gutenberg gets a lot of hate – generally either from people who are used to the old editor, or people comparing it to WordPress page builders.

    First off let me say, Gutenberg is not a full page builder. If you’re not a developer and you want full control over how a page looks, go for something like Elementor.

    What Gutenberg offers is a better way to structure the page content compared to the old editor. While it may not have blocks for everything, if you’re a developer you can use the Custom HTML block to achieve most things (which is much tidying than adding HTML used to be). Most importantly, the code it outputs tends to be a lot more lightweight compared to “full” page builders.

    That said, it could definitely be improved, specifically with regards to UX. Trying to reorder elements can be fiddly at best, and some blocks (e.g. Groups) are basically impossible to select without switching to a completely separate tool. If more complex page builders can handle this elegantly then Gutenberg should be able to.

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    Gutenberg is not a page builder but their intention (and the reason for forcing it into the core) is exactly that. As a matter of fact, content doesn’t need editing: it’s the elements of content that need editing, and that is just another word for “page editor”.

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    So I just looked into it, and apparently their intention is to turn this into a full page builder (i.e. give control over the whole page design, header, footer etc), but right now “Phase 1” just a content editor. TBH I’m a little apprehensive if they do turn it into that, because I appreciate the separation of content from the template. There are plenty of other builders out there for people who want control over everything, but I guess we’ll see how it goes.

    At the moment this is a replacement for the old content editor, and with that in mind I definitely see the benefit of their block system. It’s there to structure the content while your theme still handles the overall style (which was possible in the old editor, but it kinda sucked).

    Like I said, I just wish they’d give their UX/UI a serious rethink, because right now it’s a chore to select anything or move blocks around.

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