Support » Plugin: Newsletter » Good plugin but has room for improvement

  • I’ve been using the free version so far and I like the integration and the general functionality very much but the user interface and implementation leaves much room for improvement.

    1. A user interface that is completely different from the standard WordPress UI is being used which adds a lot of bloat and inconsistency.
    2. The UI is inconsistent and confusing in itself and doesn’t adapt very well to different viewport sizes
    3. The composer (own “block editor”) is slow and bloated, too, and works with non-translatable images for block buttons
    4. As far as I’ve understood you can’t disable default blocks but only add new ones (but I might have missed something)
    5. There are a few substantial things missing or buggy for which I had to hack the core files to do what I need (for example some default styles that can’t be changed by own settings because they are hard-coded – now I need to remember to be careful when updating the plugin).

    I’ve thought about using a different service multiple times but all in all, this is still the only plugin that integrates very tightly with WordPress; that is to say, all free alternatives looked even less ideal than this one, so that’s the one I stuck with. I’m not sure whether I would pay money for the “pro” version, given that it’s basically the same with a few benefits that are unrelated to the above mentioned issues.

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