• I can’t speak English well. Please understand me.

    It has many various features. So it is a good plugin. But it can make your site bad. For example, it is bad to jetpack. and so on… My site had a problem when I turn on translation…

    Anyway, it is a good plugin. So you can activate it. but use each feature carefully.

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  • Hello @kingpin123!

    What are exact problems with Jetpack? Which translation plugin do you use and what was the problem with it?

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    XML-RPC is not good with jetpack. it has no problem when i use wordpress but it is not good with wordpress.com and wordpress app.

    translation in the plugin. maybe Cyrillic right? this… i didn’t know it and my URL are broken…

    @kingpin123, you can always enable XML-RPC with Clearfy, it’s not critical to use this feature. Our plugin provides you ways to manage your wordpress installation, but it’s up to you wether to use them or not.

    The plugin is available in English, there is no need to use Russian version. Am I getting it right?

    You could always create support ticket and describe your problem. We are there to help you!

    Best regards,
    Alex, Webcraftic.

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    I can’t speak English too;; um… I will tell about it when I install it again.

    I never said This plugin is bad. I just said carefully. I think Reading explanation then turning features on or off is good. ‘um, recommended option is anyway good~’ is not good. it can make an error.

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