After searching through and testing a lot of plugins I finally found one that will put a watermark on a WEBP image. I used to have JPEG images on my website but wanted the newer format to help speed up my website. A lot of developers will not add the option for WEBP. Some have and the plugin does not work or they add a premium to use it. The plugin works very well on my website without any problems and is easy enough to set up. I could do with the test image you see on the top right being a bit bigger.
    The plugin needs to have the function for the Media Library so you can manually add the watermark to all of your images because there does not seem to be that function. If that is added a lot more people will download it. I notice some folks have had errors. I have had none yet. So that might be a plugin conflict. I recommend to plugin for anyone wanting a plugin that adds a watermark to webp images.

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