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  • This plugin is the only one that I can find that seems to work out of the box. Most of the others need some sort of edit of a template file, which does not seem to work with my theme. I am not a programmer, so maybe I am missing something, but after many attempts with several plugins, I gave up and went with this one. For me it is not perfect, but I am grateful that it works. The only real issues I have with it are that it does not seem to work in-line, and, when clicking link, it jumps back to the top of the post rather than continuing from where you just read. As to not working inline, no matter where you place the read more link, when clicking it always seems to do a paragraph or line break, which I don’t want because it breaks reading continuity and looks plain strange. I am forced to put the link at the end of a paragraph so the break isn’t apparent. I think there is a way to customize, with CSS, the appearance and behavior of the read more link, but nothing I have tried seems to make any changes. I have tried posting a message for help, but apparently the author has abandoned this app, as indicated by lack of response to other posters. It’s a shame, but I realize that people get busy with life and no longer have time or motivation to continue supporting their hobby. Again, I am glad that it works for the most part, and I thank the author. I just wish that those who abandon their work, would put up a message stating that so we don’t have to wonder and can make the decision to use it as is… or not.

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