• I wanted to find a plugin to sell only digital photos. This plugin seems to be able to do this. However:
    1. Even it’s possible to remove some fields in the checkout, like Shipping or Billing, the name of the fields remain and the overall page looks broken
    2. In the process of buying a user has to click on quantity at least once, even though there is no sense in even using quantities in digital downloads.
    3. In the check out process the very first field is suggesting to make an account on the website. These fields aren’t removable. Users can ignore them but in most cases, this will cause users to stop the process. Users often don’t like to make new accounts especially when they need only to buy goods and not becoming a member of a website.
    4. The design is really ugly and there is no way to improve it within the plugin’s settings. Any default checkouts by WooCommerce is a million times better designed than this.

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  • 1 – Not sure what you mean, if you disable specific fields at Checkout the label and the field are removed. If only Digital Download products are in the user’s cart, all Shipping fields are automatically removed leaving only billing fields.

    2 – It sounds like you are referring to using the Lightbox add-on in combination with the digital downloads add-on. The lightbox does ask the user to either type in a quantity or hit the + sign and then add to cart. This is to keep the UI consistent for each product that is listed in the lightbox window. It can actually be more confusing when some products have different UI than others right next to it in the same list – that might make it appear broken for some people. I chose this UI for that reason.

    3 – You can enable guest checkout which makes creating an account optional. If you don’t want the fields, they can be hidden with some CSS. Creating an account, especially when purchasing downloads, makes it possible for them to easily access their purchase history and their download links.

    4 – Sunshine is built to try to blend into your site’s theme. The fields are basic on purpose to blend in and in my opinion not much different from what WooCommerce checkout looks like.

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