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  • *I tend to be rather strict on using the rating, so don’t get discouraged about using this, if you like the looks of it. 😉

    [*EDIT! :: “I’m sure you used to have changelog?” – where is the update log? “no information on what you changed! why ?! for a theme that works rather badly as a child theme this is a bit crucial. (nothing on wp nor your homepage about what is updated ) grumble…]

    This is a pretty theme that is simple to setup up and work with.
    Not perfect but well suited for at least what i was looking for now.

    Having a separate css, and js section! love that.
    *understand there is issues with making child theme (so I didn’t try).
    all in all, this suited my needs in my current project pretty well.

    [** Not responsive part // the background images get a life of their own **]
    ( probably the main reason I’m not giving this a solid 4star rating.)
    One thing that I found disturbing is the img background handling got really messed up when viewing in different sized screens. on mobiles and or re-sizing the screen, the background image (_blank) layer went somewhere in the background area where it was not supposed to be, and one ends upp with, maybe half an image or maybe nothing.. looses a star there.
    (for my part this is pretty bad as this is part of what makes the setup nice and the theme boasts about, and it’s half broken. works lovely on bigger screens though.)

    And a warning, if one does mess around with activating Any other theme..
    it breaks the menu links navigation (I had to manually create the links and any new links that are needed)
    *not really hard but many would end up with a non working theme and grind their teeth.

    *another thing that did make me sad. =(
    the support does not really go out of their way to support people with their issues on the wp org support area..
    so many questions that would take really quick to answer, though some questions are … strange lol.. 😉

    It has issues but if the user likes the theme setup, it’s pretty and easy to work with. and as seen above, I wouldn’t really go out of my way expecting real support.. 😉

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    Thank you very much for your detail review.

    Here is the replies for your some question.
    We do have a update log page in our website. Here is the link . Again you should be able to find the change log if you check the readme.txt file in the theme.

    For the background, it is quite difficult to manage the background in the responsive layout. The height of the section increases in the responsive layout and the size of the image that the user upload can not cover the whole section.

    Regarding the menu, i think it applies same for all the theme when switching the theme.

    And for the support, yes some of the support should take quick to reply but we do have a lots of support emails in the queue and each have to be answered properly in the queue that is why the support email that should take no time to reply get queued.

    Hopefully you have all your queries replied.

    Thank you.

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