• I do like the integrations on the pro version. The support is helpful and responsive. The style editor is a nightmare. I miss some basic styling features, like custom fonts or checkbox-hover-color styling. It uses the sytem font instead of the font defined in the theme. You have to use your own CSS for that kind of thing, and deal with !important styles. By the time of purchase, it was a super cheap deal, so I can live with that.

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    Thank you for letting us know about your experience with Bit Form.
    At the time of building this product, we didn’t have any prior experience of dealing with the development of Form Builder. We only had the intention to do something good in this WP ecosystem. We tried to give cloud apps quality and support to WP users. We did research and tried to add new exciting features as many as possible. We may have missed something you want most, and we may have added something you don’t need at all.

    So “The style editor is a nightmare”, we at some point also agree with you. It is missing some basic but extremely important features as you and others mentioned prior to the period from the first day of release of Bit Form. From then, we listened and took notes of each & every request, comment and suggestion and implemented them to our Bit Form.

    But there’s more. For 6 months, we are developing the biggest update of Bit Form v2.0. With this update, Bit Form won’t load any extra js or bloated other than the js it needs to only functions the field. And we are also redesigning the whole UI of the builder and the style editor. The style editor is getting the whole revamped from the earlier version of Bit Form. Some features we will introduce in the style editor:

    1. global theme styling [eg: default blue, material, no theme, etc.] – no theme will only have layout styling, nothing else

    2. each & every part of a field will be divided into layers so that you can select that part and style with ease

    3.fields will also have the label, subtitle, helper text, & error message styling
    4.you will be able to style the form by global styling [style once, design all fields], and also each individual field of layers

    5.styling will have much more options than ever before:

    1. 1.font-family (inherit from theme, custom font name input, google font list)
      2.RTL styling
      3.Color scheme: Light, & Dark
      4.Responsive breakpoint specific styling
      5.Prefix & suffix icons in the input field, label, subtitle, helper text & error message with global and individual styling. You can choose from 10,000+ available icons fetched from multiple sources like font awesome, feather, bootstrap, material, etc, or your custom uploaded icons.
      6. additional style properties: transition, transform, filter, shadow
      7. checkbox, radio styling with different states: default, hover, focus, checked
    • the list above was just a glimpse of what will be coming with Bit Form v2. There are still many more features to be listed. Because we are trying to bring every functionality possible for our beloved users.
    • New fields that will also be available with v2:

    1. 1.phone number

    • some old fields are also feature-packed as new: dropdown, country, and many more.

    With that said, thank you again for using our Bit Form and helping us to improve the user experience by giving invaluable comments & suggestions.

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