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  1. gcampton
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This would be an awesome plugin, if it was free. There are however plugin on the warrior forum that do the exact same thing for a flat fee rather than a monthly subscription.. and rather than opting in for turning certain features on/off for Pro versions. It's just a 14 day trial.

    On top of these, in my view, discrepancies, there is many bugs with constant pop overs letting you know your guide is "100% optimized" each and every character you continue to write in the article. I had to save draft many times and reload page to try and get rid of the interfering plugin which seemed to reproduce the same annoyances again and again, interrupting my work. If it was a yearly fee of $50 or a one off payment I think it would be worth the price, but a monthly fee is just ridiculous.

    This plugin doesn't know what it wants to do.... SEO or content creation? Which one is it?

    As an SEO tool it sux and lacks the fine tuning of such great free tools like SEO by Yoast and All-in-One. As a content creation tool it sucks as the amount of content it brings in is limited and it's not automated like WPRobot, AzonPress and other content creation tools that are the same price. Or just as a basic research tool you can always use "Storify" which does the same thing and is FREE.

    I can see why the people rating this would think that it's good, it is very obvious they have never seen a decent plugin in the their life so they wouldn't know better.

    Overall the plugin does its job, but only half-assed in most cases. I give it 4 out of 5 stars for that, I then take off one star because it's a monthly subscription. I then take off another point because the price point is just silly. Then I take off another point because you're limited to 3 blogs @ $20 a month or 15 blogs @ $60 a month.
    Then I give it another point because 1 out of 5 stars looks bad... yeah it's the "I feel sorry for you factor".

    There's tools out there that can do all this for free, and I would be a lazy person and buy this to save me time if it was a flat fee or even at worst a yearly fee. But monthly and limited to 15 blogs is a joke.

  2. Florin Muresan
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 2 years ago #


    Thanks for the feedback. Really insightful and valuable. Just forwarded it by email to the rest of the team.

    We're a startup and we're not just any other WordPress SEO plugin. We actually have a team working on this: http://www.squirrly.co/team-pag56254.html

    People who use Squirrly and pay the monthly subscription love it for it's simplicity. We don't want to build a Yoast, that's made with lots of geeky settings, most of which don't really even have an impact on SEO, after the Penguin/Panda updates. Our automatic SEO does.

    And since we're a team dedicated full time to this SEO software that is delivered as a plugin, we're going to make substantial add-ons to both software and plugin. New things are coming up soon that are going to prove more valuable then what's now on the free market. We're working closely with some top internet marketers and business analysts for this.

    People who have tried our plugin also received Excellence in Customer Service, which others simply do not offer.

    To answer your questions for "Why a free subscription?", please read: http://www.florin-muresan.cif2.net/3_reasons_why_a_subscription_based_payment_keeps_you_safe_and_happy-pag397-article_id62026.html

    It's good you expressed your concerns and I thank you for taking your personal time to do this. This also leads to improvement, progress and differentiation.

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