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  • I purchased the Pro version of this product for a client a few weeks ago. I’ve waited until today to submit a review because I really wanted to give the dev a chance to follow up.

    After installation, it was very apparent that this was not the right solution for my client, despite doing research on the plug-in beforehand. I contacted the developer (after going through hoops of fire on their contact form). Initially. he replied, but when I explained that the plugin wasn’t going to work for my client, he ghosted me.

    I understand that with downloadable products, once it’s delivered, it’s out there. When that happens, deactivate the registration code, refund the customer, and say thanks, maybe next time or at least a respectful “Sorry, lady, no can do.” You don’t just ignore someone asking for paid support. While I think the plugin itself has merits and may be a great tool for many, the lack of support for a premium product kinda sticks in my craw.

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  • I agree. Poor support. However, I believe Dennis may be overextended due to the fact he takes 24 hours to respond to a support ticket.

    When the installation didn’t work for me, after promising paid support, he tried to charge me the installation price again to fix his pro plugin that wouldn’t activate, and then refused to give me a refund.

    I’m self employed and understand the importance of paying for services, but it’s also important to give what’s promised. I received no support and was greeted with rude messages.

    It’s simply not fair. He’s taken my money and run.

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