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  • Really sorry my friends. I know that you have been working on this for a long time, but it will break 20% of the whole words internet if you include force this as editor in a WordPress major update.

    Yes I understand very well that WordPress has to evolve and get ready for the future. Actually I really liked the idea of WordPress having its own blog and page builder. Why? Because non-programmer end users should be able to re-align elements easily and visually and they were always crying that TinyMCE, Shortcodes and Widgets are “too complicated”.

    This is why certain people were starting to create page builders which were hooking into “the_content()” of WordPress, replacing TinyMCE text with a drag-and-drop layout created by the user. Famous examples for those page builders are Beaver Builder, Elementor, or the free Page Builder by Site Origin.

    Actually I expected Gutenberg to be something like the page builder by site origin – but standardized: A backend editor with optional frontend editing view for re-arranging blocks with a possibility to define custom blocks and having TinyMCE, Shortcodes or other elements within the blocks. On each page you can decide weather you want to user the page builder or the visual editor. All other functionality like meta boxes and so on were exactly perserved as they was.

    Here is why I am extremely unhappy about the existence of Gutenberg now:

    • It breaks almost every existing WordPress website
    • For the more advanced projects things will be extremely hard/expensive to fix
    • Hundreds of thousands of plugins of the repository will be incompatible
    • It is not even a real page builder
    • It destroys meta boxes, meta box functionality and styles by forcing them into the editor (Why didnt you put the editor into a box? Why is it implemented as this horrible wrapper?)
    • There is no HTML-view
    • A lot of functionality even from TinyMCE is missing
    • The drag & drop functionality seems to be clumsy
    • No possibility to selectivly deactivate it per post type and per single post/page

    Since the first days of WordPress backwards compatibility was one of the major concerns of the system and also one of the main reasons why WordPress became this popular.

    I simply do not get it: Why did you remove TinyMCE completely instead of making it part of the Gutenberg text blocks? Why did you make a half-bake page builder which is not really a page builder? Why didn’t you put it into a box instead of killing the whole meta-box system? Why is there no possibility to edit HTML? Why is there no way to switch between TinyMCE and Gutenberg smoothley on each page? Why can i not just drag and drop elements and easily add my own ones?

    If I am going wrong here somewhere please tell me because maybe I am not enough into this Plugin yet, but without solving those problems releasing this editor will be a world-wide desaster.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by Blackbam.
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