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  • The plugin produces a sitemap OK – but:
    – the shortcode generator is really hard to use. There are several dropdown lists each with a ‘Clear’ button that doesn’t appear to do anything.

    – The links on the sitemap don’t work for me. They are all of the form:”

    – And why is it accessed in a button in the post area instead of the Settings or Tools on the Dashboard?

    Good idea – needs work

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  • Plugin Author benohead


    Just uploaded a new version fixing the following:
    1) Links are now fine: instead of”
    2) There was a problem with the checkbox defining whether it should show only posts matching the criteria or all except those.

    Regarding the two other points:
    1) The clear button clear the selection. Once you select something, except if you use the keyboard, it’s not possible to unselect the last entry. That’s why, the Clear button is there.
    2) I can’t make site-wide settings since you could use this plugin to create different pages or widgets showing site maps with different contents.

    Thanks for responding. I’ll have another look…

    I have tested the new version and still get strange results. On my site all posts are in Category 17 and 1 or 2 other categories.

    This code produces a list of All posts on the site, grouped by category, including 286 in category 17.
    [showsitemap cat="17" depth=10 group=category link="<a title="%title%" href="%permalink%">%title%</a>" exclude=1]

    If I change to ‘exclude=0’ it lists 5 from cat 17, 2 from cat 51, 2 from cat 60, and 1 each from cat 30 and cat 170.

    Change the code to list all categories except 17 like this:
    [showsitemap cat="361,123,51,29,31,60,14,2,314,34,30,36,370,315,170,1,55" depth=10 group=category link="<a title="%title%" href="%permalink%">%title%</a>" exclude=0]

    Now it lists 5 from cat 17, 4 from cat 51, 3 from cat 60, 2 from cat 30 and 1 cat 170.

    Plugin Author benohead


    I guess the problem is that the options are not yet intuitive enough.

    What happens is the following:
    1) Exclude=1/0 only considers the following settings: list of post IDs, post types, post authors.
    2) When you select categories, it basically doesn’t mean it will show only these categories but that it will only considers posts with this categories. So if you have categories 1 and 2, only select category 1 but have a post with both categories, you’ll still see categories 1 and 2 in the site map.

    I’ll create a new version where:
    1) exclude considers also the other settings
    2) if categories are selected and the site map is grouped by categories, only the selected categories are shown (or all except these categories if exclude=1 is set)
    3) if tags are selected and the site map is grouped by tags, only the selected tags are shown (or all except these tags if exclude=1 is set)

    The trouble is that it does not seem to list all the posts in the selected categories.

    I have >5 posts in many categories, but the plugin only returns 5,4,3,2,1,0,0,0,…. etc

    Plugin Author benohead


    Ok, found the reason why. I stupidly forgot to specify a post count and WordPress was paginating. Fixed it in version 0.2 along with the other things mentioned above. Please give it a try and let me know whether it then gives you the results you expect.

    Updated to v0.2.
    1) The button in the page editor no longer works, so I have to enter the shortcode manually.
    2) If I type a shortcode it is OK. But if I copy/paste the same text it is replaced with an image. Change from ‘Visual’ to Text’ tab shows that [showsitemap] is replaced with
    <img class="mceItem wpsm_panel" src="" alt="" data-sh-attr="" data-mce-resize="false" data-mce-placeholder="1" />

    This makes it quite hard to test. I will contact you by email to continue our conversation.

    Forget the email – I have done some more testing and the plugin now looks to be working the way I expect 🙂

    I have a question – Is it possible to list just the Category names, but not all the posts in each category? I tried ‘group=category depth=0’ and ‘group=category depth=1’ but they don’t work…

    And thank you for the quick responses!

    FYI my test page is here – though I will probably remove it in a few days when I have time to fix the CSS.
    Test Page

    Plugin Author benohead


    Was about to shutdown the computer when I saw you had responded. So I can’t test it. But I think depth=-1 should only show the categories. But I think the problem is that it will then show 0 as number of posts.

    I’ll check tomorrow.

    Plugin Author benohead


    Please check version 0.2.1. I’ve added a parameter to the shortcode. Setting grouponly=1 will only show the categories and post count but will not list the individual posts. The corresponding option in the dialog is called “Show only group headers”.

    Testing v0.2.1

    The button for the options dialog is still not working – I have to write the short codes by hand

    The grouponly parameter is working OK 🙂

    I still cannot achieve what I want yet. It is to do with the way the plugin handles posts that appear in 2 categories. Maybe it is not possible…

    Say I have 3 categories (cat1, cat2, cat3) and 4 articles :
    Monday is in cat1, cat2
    Tuesday is in cat1, cat3
    Wed is in cat1
    Thurs is in cat1, cat2, cat3

    group=category cat=”1″ exclude=0 grouponly=1 gives:
    Cat1(4) << This is OK

    group=category grouponly=1 gives:

    Is there a code I can use to give this?

    Plugin Author benohead


    The button was effectively not working. Fixed in 0.2.2

    To edit an existing shortcode, got to the visual editor and double click on the image you see in the post at the position where the shortcode is.

    To achive what you want to do, you should use: group=category cat=”1″ exclude=1 grouponly=1

    Plugin Author benohead


    Ok, just reread your message. If you use the parameters I’ve written in my previous message, it will exclude all post with cat1. Currently there is no way to configure it the way you want to do it. Excluding works on the post level.

    The only way to do it is to select the categories you want to see e.g. group=category cat=”2,3″ exclude=0 grouponly=1

    But of course, if you add a new category, you’ll have to update the shortcode.

    Plugin Author benohead


    Another solution would be to have it output by the plugin but hide it with css. So the links would still be on the page but wouldn’t be visible to the visitors.

    The category groups have a css class like this: sitemap_list_category_xxx e.g. sitemap_list_category_1

    Hey – sorry for the late reply – I’ve been busy.

    The plugin now seems to be working – at least i can get it to do what I want it to :).

    I still have the weird thing where when I insert a shortcode it gets overwritten by an image. But I can change to the Text editing pane – to see the code so that is OK for now.

    Thanks for being responsive and making changes so fast!

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