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Good Plugin – Doesn't Track Plugin Usage

  • I have a ticket system that I’d like to track usage on and it doesn’t track the users using the ticket system. Contacted developers and they wouldn’t assist with helping us integrate it for whatever reason. It’s a good plugin for being free. Would have loved to use it more.

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  • Plugin Author Yakir Sitbon


    Hi Tiffniffer.

    What you mean ticket system?
    If you get any bug with our plugin, you can report it on our issue (we have good support there !), and we can fix this (if we can).

    We have a ticketing system plugin that it doesn’t track. It seems to track everything else just fine, just not interactions with the ticketing system.

    Plugin Author Yakir Sitbon


    How I can track this plugin if I do not know this?

    We are have good support with WordPress core and more. But for other plugins, you need to request us.

    Please leave me url for this plugin..

    Plugin Author Yakir Sitbon


    This is premium plugin, I can’t help you with that.
    If you know some php code, you can write addon on this plugin with our API.

    Plugin Author Maor Chasen


    Hi Tiffniffer,

    The plugin you’ve linked to doesn’t utilize the native post type feature that is offered by WordPress core. That is why the information doesn’t seem to be logged. As my partner Yakir said, you can easily integrate that plugin with ARYO Activity Log by using our the internal logging API.


    If you can help me through that, then I am more than happy to change my rating. I think you really do have a great plugin.

    Plugin Author Maor Chasen


    I think you really do have a great plugin.

    If that is really what you think, then you should go ahead and give this plugin 5 stars.

    Me and Yakir have invested in this plugin tremendously, hoping that people out there will find it useful. The truth is — we’re not doing it for the ratings. We’re working on this plugin because we enjoy building plugins for people to use.

    Since I don’t see how people will benefit from having this thing integrated, and since that plugin isn’t open-sourced, I don’t think we’ll do it. And if that means you won’t change your rating, then that’s fine with us.

    But again, just like I said earlier, this is a fairly easy thing to do, considering you are a developer.

    I am far from a developer.

    I am happy to change my rating but I thought you guys would be more helpful then this. Thanks anyways.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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