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  • Hi there,

    this plugin is a good looking side cart for Woocommerce, but updating quantity from the side cart, showing shipping and changing the icon, hide empty basket is premium, there are some good other premium features, but these few should not be paid in my opinion.

    What bugs me the most is that you can only exclude pages where cart should not be displayed, if you want to exclude 500 pages, you have a lot of work to do or spend a lot of time creating CSS hacks for each of your page type. Developers promised include option (not just exclude) 7 months ago with next update but did not deliver, that is why 2 stars for waiting for 7 months based on developers support reply promising this feature in the support forum and not delivering. I could have tried other plugins and move on, but instead, I waited because I liked this one (stupid me).

    I would also like to mention, there is $45 lifetime Pro license for unlimited sites, this is good, I love it, I would definitely be a customer if I could use it.

    Tip for the developers: I would pay extra for a wishlist, if the cart icon would remind itself once a while with animation and some call to action cart stuff that would encourage shoppers to proceed with check out. (This is not a reason for the ** rating, just a hint for good bye.)

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  • Plugin Author xootix


    Hello there,

    Thank you for your review.
    If you would given us time to reply to your thread, we will not be having a discussion here.
    I would like to clarify few things.

    1) Include Pages option –
    Now let me explain it to you why we prefer exclude option?
    It is not practical to put include pages option.
    There are lot of pages to be included – product pages , archive , category, tags, checkout, home, custom pages.
    How would we know, which custom page has a woocommerce product shortcode? There could be a product slider or a custom code which simply adds to cart.
    Now simply think of adding all these pages, post types, tags?
    This will create unnecessary confusion for the new users.
    We have to make it easy for everyone.

    I don’t understand why its hard to simply add the page IDS to your CSS code?
    If there is an include option in the settings , you will be adding the page IDS there ? right?
    You have to make some efforts if you are building a website.
    There are limitations in wordpress , everything cannot be added as an option. Everyone as a different need.

    2) Premium – I am not going to discuss that here , because it is not allowed.
    But I think there are a lot of customization options , you won’t even find half of them in other plugins , let alone the include/exclude.

    I respect your opinion & only replied to your review to clarify what you think of include option is not feasible.

    Hello, thanks for the reply, think of the include option as an option for those who know what they are doing, don’t remove exclude.

    I don’t know why you are against this option now, when you clearly promised this feature in the next update 7 months ago, just have a look at, there is no mention that you are no longer considering it, why just skip the promise next time if you are not willing to deliver, I am just disappointed in the wasted time I could have been developing my own cart.

    I prefer the include option over CSS hacks because is neat, I spent a lot of money on plugins and hundreds of hours optimizing page load size and minimizing and removing unnecessary scripts, but the shopping cart would be loaded anyway? I don’t like that and dirty CSS work depending on the theme my customer uses.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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