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  • I liked the plugin. Its price – free – doesn’t hurt either. Very graceful to install and use. If slightly manipulative about wanting to be popular, hey who can be blamed for that. There isn’t anything that can’t be refused. Unlike other negative reviewers, I did not come across any requests to leave five star reviews, but then I didn’t request support and am not on Facebook either, so… Anyway, the login to their website is optional.

    However, I used it on a website that uses a lot of other plugins. I don’t know and didn’t have the time to test whether the issue is one of the plugin features being wonky or conflicts with any of the many plugins I have. I did not have time to test. If/when I do, I will definitely submit more detailed feedback, but biggest problem was that not just the SEO from the plugin for tags and categories was wrecked, but the default WordPress content as well and the output of another plugin.

    Two description boxes appear on the tag page – WordPress and RankMath and the WordPress one isn’t editable while the RankMath one… when a well crafted description I took half an hour over vanished on submit leaving some five odd characters in the text box, I had neither the temperament nor time to troubleshoot. I deactivated the plugin immediately. Another plugin (Wikidata references) text field doesn’t appear at all (works with Yoast and several other plugins). There are other minor issues too, but not the end of the world. Losing content I slogged over is a deal breaker.

    The features are really promising and that is why the two stars, but till I have time to troubleshoot and list out things that need fixing or fix them myself and submit patches, this plugin has to be deactivated. At least for a production site that uses categories and tags to create a larger picture about the content.

    I will definitely be keeping an eye on this plugin and I think it is very promising. Just that it isn’t ready for a production site yet – at least not the kind I am running. It is probably fine for most sites if the large number of positive reviews are to be believed, but I’d definitely recommend checking your tag and category edit pages after setting up just to be sure.

    I do wish they spent more time on testing and refining the plugin ASAP than on the irrelevant beginner WordPress type emails they send every few days. This is a non-issue. There is an unsubscribe button.

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