• I don’t like to leave a negative review but in this case I feel a warning is required. I think there’s a reason the last review is 4 years ago…

    The plugin features drew me in, and with the community plugin addon this did all I needed, but features aren’t the full story.

    The plugin looks very old, circa 2010 or older. The all the display templates look drab and unimaginative, but I am sure some template work would fix this, however it’s sold as an out of the box solution. In our case we wasted many hours trying to fit this into a modern looking site and gave up. It was also a few days past the 30 day trial period so on top of that we lost our money, a lesson learnt.

    The business directory index was not correctly responsive, in fact is was a mess. Again I am sure this was fixable, but out of the box? There were 2 show stoppers even before we’d completed the integration:

    1. The category filters did not use Ajax. You actually had to select a category, e.g. Food and Drink, and click on a button called FILTER. Really, in 2023, just rubbish. MK in support came back and said the plugin did not support this, WHAT!
    2. The image gallery looked like a cheap plugin from 2005, really ugly, and we were promoting businesses in the directory so that was 100% unacceptable. Again MK replied to my question saying this was the only option.

    For the business details there were 3 main text areas, Business pitch, Additional info 1 and Additional info 2. This was a bit over the top but OK, until it transpired there was no formatting menu. All you could do was add plain text in an input box, no bullets, bold, or anything. We didn’t try html as by this time we’d decided it was a waste of effort.

    There were a massive number of backend fields and as our client was going to manage this themselves going forward it was a very confusing admin panel, and there was no way to remove the fields that you didn’t require.

    In fairness, MK in support listened to my comments and I hope they are acted on, but if you’re looking for a modern clean directory plugin I’m afraid this isn’t it.

    We have moved onto Geodirectory which is looking promising.

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