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  • I’ve used this plugin on two sites using 3 or 4 of the boosters on each. I’d had problems with the performance on both sites for some time. Load speeds were much slower than for other comparable sites, and occasionally stopped everything for around 15-20 seconds. It only recently clicked that the common denominator between the two sites was this plugin. On deactivating it, the two sites loaded around 3-4 times quicker, both front end and back end, and the lengthy waits have disappeared.

    Couple this with the ‘lifetime updates and support package’ which we paid for, and now no longer get support from, and the is no way we could recommend this plugin.

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    Hi @dscreative

    Thank you for taking your time and letting us know your concerns.

    We will respond to your concerns in 2 parts below. This has little bit more context around the decision for stopping lifetime support.

    Lifetime Support – you still get lifetime updates…
    1) We did not take the decision lightly but in order to create a sustainable support model and to be able to respond to tickets in a timely fashion, we had to make this tough decision.
    2) We did customer surveys, looked at industry leaders and talked to experts in the field to see how to solve for this unique situation.
    3) We provided customers options on how to get extended support.

    Performance Few questions –
    1) Do you have the latest version of our plugin? (and WordPress and WooCommerce as well?)
    2) Are there any hosting platform tweaks that can be made?
    3) How many modules have been enabled?

    Just for your information
    1) We use Booster Plus on our own website and have never experienced any slow downs. We test everything on our own site first before releasing any versions to our customers.
    2) We constantly improve our code quality with every release and have been doing so since we started in 2014.
    3) We have a modular architecture, meaning you only enable the modules that you need. This way we only load the code that is really needed without any bloat.

    Improving the plugin
    We are all ears about your constructive feedback as to how we could improve our plugin.

    Per the WordPress guidelines this forum is only for Booster free users. 

    Would love to resume this conversation on our website and to see if we can help with any of your performance issues that you raise.

    Thank you

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    Thanks for the reply. On the lifetime support thing, there isn’t really much to say. We paid for the package on the basis of lifetime support, and then you changed it. If I buy a car with a 5 year warranty and after 2 years the car company decide that it’s costing too much, they can’t just reduce the warranty to 2 years. Advanced Custom Fields, one of the most popular plugins out there, also changed their pricing policy for new purchases, but they still honoured the existing licenses. I think it’s very poor that you don’t.

    Yes, we have the latest version of the plugin and WordPress, running on PHP 7.4, on a VPS which we can customise as required. In a quick test using Chrome Devtools, the same variable product page with Booster activated shows a TTFB for 11.9 seconds, and without Booster shows 2.01 seconds. That’s a massive jump. This is on a testing server, so there is no other traffic that would affect this.

    Running Query Monitor shows similar differences. Without Booster, on the same variable product with 36 variations, we get Page Generation Time of 2.44 seconds, Peak Memory of 132,489k and Database Query Time of 0.2033. With Booster running, the same page shows Page Generation Time of 13.03 seconds, Peak Memory of 354,903k and Database Query Time of 2.81. Some absolutely enormous queries on the Options table are showing when Booster is active, which don’t when it’s inactive.

    We see the same thing on both of the 2 sites we have running Booster, so we are just looking for alternatives to do what Booster did. Of course, if I still had support, I could have contacted you about this issue directly.

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    Thank you for the details.

    As mentioned before, since this is a forum for free users, we will initiate a ticket from our Support system shortly.

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