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  • Might be good enough to get the job done for you if you’re trying to do something pretty generic or have flexible requirements. It might also work well if you’re comfortable writing code and just use this as a starting point for a custom plugin.

    I think this plugin is probably “good enough” for most, but it’s not perfect. I just started working with the plugin and have noticed a few odd things:

    1. On the “register” method/collection, there are a bunch of required fields that are not actually required by WordPress. WP only requires the “user_login” field – what is the reasoning behind requiring more fields when using this API plugin?

    2. The code is a bit messy. The indentation is very inconsistent.

    3. The removal of the ability to change passwords through the API is frustrating. This is one of the key features I need. I imagine it was removed for security reasons, but as I’m using this for server to server communication, I’m less worried about that. (I’ll throw in some manual “shared secret” verification and write my own password setting method)

    4. The need to upgrade to the Pro version for API key support is… notable. I understand that plugin authors need to get paid, but others might need to know going in to this that there are certain features that are only included in the Pro version.

    I may return later to add more feedback if it’s useful.

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