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  • I used this for 2 years now, but today i had to remove it due to tracking change. Of cource it is optional but i don’t like this latest trend to be tracked by plugins.

    So thanks but no thanks.

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    Okay, sorry that you decided to deactivate the plugin. As you mention, tracking is optional so I don’t really understand why you decided to post a bad review.

    Never mind. At least you’ve had 2 years’ worth of a free plugin.

    I think i have explained honestly what my problem was. Also i said “Good” in the title.

    The last months i see tracking (like freemius for example) to become a trend in WP plugins and that i don’t like.

    This is not a bad review (since i was using the plugin for 2 years) but something you should think about.

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    Well, my point is that you’ve used this plugin for free for 2 years. It seems a bit ungrateful to give it a 2 star review just because it has a setting that you don’t like, especially as you can opt out of that setting.

    Also, if you use plugins like Yoast SEO or EDD, they have had this kind of functionality for a long time…

    I personally don’t like such kind of trackers embedded into plugins.

    However, my quick insight to file tracking/class-plugin-usage-tracker.php that hosts function get_is_tracking_allowed (line #343) and set_is_tracking_allowed (line #358) suggests plugin respects user’s setting.

    More can be seen here:

    		 * This is our function to get everything going
    		 * Check that user has opted in
    		 * Collect data
    		 * Then send it back
    		 * @since 1.0.0
    		public function do_tracking() {
    			// If the home site hasn't been defined, we just drop out. Nothing much we can do.
    			if ( ! $this->home_url ) {
    			// Check to see if the user has opted in to tracking
    			$allow_tracking = $this->get_is_tracking_allowed();
    			if( ! $allow_tracking ) {
    			// Get our data
    			$body = $this->get_data();
    			// Send the data
    			$this->send_data( $body );

    And from options:
    SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE '%wisdom%';

    Can’t find the option to disable tracking. If the option is removed then this definitely worth a low rating and I will search for another plugin.

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