• My licence for this two years ago was $40. It is now $85. I’m not sure where or how the jump was justified. I think this is price hike is too high, and won;t renew.

    Shame, as if it was still $40, maybe even $50, i would have renewed on this and other licences in the future. But $85 is simply too much.

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    Well there are two 44% discount codes out, one on the settings page and the wporg code here. With that you end up with 47.60€ that is actually just a little more then 50 US Dollars.

    And its justified by me wanting to eat and pay rent for my work.

    Also note then if you have just two sites, then having two seperate single site licenses is actually cheaper then having the 2-5 site license.

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