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  • I bought Pro version as the description indicated I could use it for creating almost any custom timeline I need. This is not true, or at least, not in a way that makes this a useful plugin and tool.

    I am building timeline spanning years from 1772 (AD) to 3210 (AD). The Story Year entry only allows to enter years between 1000 and 2050. If you need other years (like before 1000 or beyond 2050) you have to switch to “Custom label” and enter the specific year for each story. Which would be ok, if the timeline was generated by ordering stories according to custom labels. But, you have to assign an order number to each story individually, to make it appear on a specific position in your timeline.

    You only have Order numbers from 0-199 available, so no more than 200 entries are possible. If you add another story in between at a later point, you will have to change order numbers for several dozen to hundred stories manually! This is not going to work.

    What the plugin should offer:

    In Admin set “order stories by custom label” option. Then the stories will be ordered DESC or ASC. Yes, people can mess up the order by entering weird stuff, but that’s their fault then. The plugin can’t make sense out of a series like “1984, Atari, Feb 12th, 2005”, that’s clear. But if users ony enter years or want to have their stories ordered by alphabet this would be the way to go.

    Enter the start and end years for your timeline. In admin panel make the entries 1000 and 2050 editable. It would even be cool to allow negatives here (like -1000 and 1000).

    all in all the Plugin is well done and very customizable. Except for the parts that are essential for my project. Like all the other timeline plugins, it was intended to be used to order posts about current time or recent history in a timeline. It was not written to allow any fantastic timeline you can imagine.

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  • Plugin Contributor Satinder Singh


    @bbudeck Many thanks for detailed review about our plugin.

    We will analyze every limitation mentioned by you. Currently we are already working on custom story order system, in which you can easily assign an order to any story, no needto edit every story one-by-one.

    We will sure help you to create a fantastic timeline for your website.

    Satinder Singh
    Cool Timeline Team

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